CH Halo's Bacherts Super Chance, JH WC

December 18, 1984 - May 22, 1997

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
- Dylan Thomas

Chance was whelped 12-18-84 and competed in AKC dog shows between August of 1985 and June of 1988, when he finished the requirements for his bench championship. He finished his Junior Hunter (JH) title in October of 1987 and acquired two of the four legs necessary for his Senior Hunter (SH) and earned his Hunting Retriever (HR) title from HRC before being permanently retired from competition. His retirement was due to my increased involvement in field trials, starting with Tarn.

Chance was always a relatively unsteady dog (he wanted birds so much he tended to leave before being commanded to do so) during competitions and reducing the training he got left him too likely to "break" at hunting tests, resulting in failure. His skills at retrieving were otherwise more than adequate; he trained at a master level and was an excellent hunting dog.

Chance was very healthy until after the age of 11. He was OFA good and had his elbows approved by OFA just two months short of his 11th birthday. He passed his last CERF exam with good eyes just two months before his death. Just after his 11th birthday he developed some problems with his lower back that slowed him down, although he was still able to do moderate retrieving work. Shortly after his 12th birthday, he had a mast cell tumor removed that contained very agressive growth cancer cells. Various tests showed no other areas of his body to be involved, but the cancer returned with a vengeance in his lymph system in April of 1997. Despite our best efforts, Chance lost his battle on May 22, 1997.

You can view more pictures of Chance.

Chance's Pedigree

                                ENG SH CH SANDYLAND'S GARRY
                        CH KIMVALLEY WARRENTON
                                Hope of Ardmargha
                AM/CAN CH EXMOOR'S OUTLAW CD
                                CH BAROKE'S YELLOW JACKET
                        Baroke Ms. Galadriel of Loren
                                CH BAROKE CINDY
        Exmoor Jordache Super D CD
                                Don's Cork of Diamond Willow
                        Whiskey Creek's Jack Daniels
                                Ramah Roman Hostess
                Frolickin' Flirt at Exmoor
                                ENG/AM CH SANDYLANDS MIDAS, WC
                        Baroke Cinderella
                                CH BAROKE CINDY
                                ENG CH FOLLYTOWER MERRYBROOK BLACK STORMER
                        ENG/AM CH LAWNWOOD'S HOT CHOCOLATE
                                Lawnwood's Tapestry
                Killingworth Alot O' Chocolot
                                AM/CAN CH WILLISTON BROWN-SMITH, WC
                        Stonewood Killingworth Katie
                                Baroke Stonewood Storm
        Bounty Grant's Instant Cocoa
                                AM/MEX CH GUNFIELD'S SUPER CHARGER CD, WC
                        CH WINGMASTER'S SUPER SLICK UD
                                Could Be's Takes Two to Tango
                Exmoor Love A Rainy Night
                                ENG/AM CH LAWNWOOD'S HOT CHOCOLATE
                        Ayr's Chocolate Gum Drop
                                CH MEADOWROCK'S FUDGE OF AYR CD TD, WC

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