Pandora's picture

Keemaka's Don't Open the Box, MH, CDX, CGC, WCX
November 27, 1990 - March 17, 2003

A star with public appearance credits too long to mention and
while she lived, proof of the amazing adaptability of the breed.

- Owned and loved by Pat Crockett

Her eyes opened at about 10 days, but even before then she was keying in on something exciting happening outside "the box" and she was emitting behaviors in an unending stream in an effort to interact with that unknown world. With her eyes focusing she began to toss littermates and toys out of her way in order to be the first one to the side of the whelping box. I fell in the love with that attitude and that fat little chocolate girl who worked so hard to be with people. We called her "Scud Puppy" six weeks she would run barking and growling at the TV when the news would show the missiles launching during the Gulf War. When it became apparent she would not be with us much longer, John said maybe she didn't want to see another war...

A crowd pleaser, Pandora made friends throughout the United States, but especially here in Texas where she spent many years as one of the main demonstration dogs for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Expo. Our work for TPWD took us to elementary schools, which she dearly loved, and to the Becoming an Outdoorswoman program weekends where Pandora taught many nervous beginners that they could control a high-powered advanced working dog and love doing it.

She raised innumerable puppies, none of them her own, teaching them how to swim and to carry birds, and for reasons best known to herself, how to walk on railroad ties. She was my gun dog, my service dog, and my statement to the world of what a Labrador could be.

If Pandora could talk, she would say thank you: to James for that first hen pheasant, to Roger for teaching her she could wait until he actually hit a bird (sorry Rog, and remember folks, this was a LONG time ago), to Jonelle for staring her into that last bird for her Derby JAM, to Greg and his family for throwing all those early birds, to Bruce for letting her get REAL birds after mom made her work as bye dog for the Qual, to Ray and Bill and their staff for making her passing easy and to Kaye for everything else, but especially that one last day in the sun when I know for sure she was a happy dog.

One more dog for Chris to train, lots more trainers for P to make fools of ...

Remember kiddo, OPEN SEASON...NO LIMITS

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