Bakbay Tarnhunter's Rascal, MH WCX

February 7, 1992 - January 28, 2005

Rascal was whelped 2-7-92 and competed in AKC retriever field events beginning in September of 1992. He had numerous JAM's (Judges Award of Merit) for competition in Derby and Qualifying field trial events, as well as the title of Master Hunter, from the AKC, and Working Certificate Excellent from the Dallas-Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Club.

He was eligible for the 1996 through 1999 Master National Retriever Tests and qualified in September 1997 at Butte, MT during the 1997 Master National Hunting Test.

Rascal was a neat dog, very stylish in the field, but often vocal during long waits while hunting. He lost a battle with liver cancer shortly before his 13th birthday.

Rascal's pedigree

                                FC-AFC AIR EXPRESS
                        FC-AFC ITCHIN' TO GO
                                Stillwater Peggy
                                FC-AFC DALL-CHOPPER OF BLACKWATCH
                        Lakeridge's Annie Get Your Gun
                                Annabelle's Spirit of Belhaven
                                FC-2xNAFC-3xCNFC RIVER OAKS CORKY
                        FC-NAFC RIVER OAKS RASCAL
                                Random Rapscallion
                                NFC-2xNAFC SUPER CHIEF
                        FC-AFC CANDLEWOOD'S NELLIE-B-GOOD
                                Gahonk's Rebel Queen
Bakbay Tarnhunter's Rascal, MH WCX 
                                FC-AFC TRUMARC'S RAIDER
                        NFC-AFC SAN JOAQUIN HONCHO
                                Doxie Gypsy Taurus
                FC-NAFC TRUMARC'S ZIP CODE
                                NFC MI-CRIS SAILOR
                        Seymour's Windjammer Mist
                                FC WANAPUM SHEBA
        Bakbay Cody's Tarnhunter, MH CD WCX (9.5 all-age points, including amateur win)
                                NFC-2xNAFC SUPER CHIEF
                        Super Powder
                                FC MARTEN'S BLACK POWDER KATE
                Doc's Country Classic
                                FC-NAFC RAY'S RASCAL
                        Twiggy's Classy Rascal
                                Wanapum Twiggy

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