Bakbay Cody's Tarnhunter MH CD CGC WCX

July 15, 1987 - January 24, 2000

She won an Amateur All-Age
She qualified at the Master National
She was the ultimate hunting dog
She showed me a higher standard
She left with part of my heart.

Tarn was whelped 7-15-87 and competed in AKC retriever field events beginning in September of 1988 when she passed the first senior hunting test she entered. She earned the Senior Hunter (SH) and Master Hunter (MH) titles and had 9 1/2 all-age points acquired in amateur and open field trial events (including an amateur win). She was eligible to run the Master National Hunting Test several times and qualified at the 1997 Master National held in Butte, MT; at 10+, she was the third oldest dog to qualify that year. Pictures from that event are shown below.

To demonstrate that she could work places other than the field, Tarn earned the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate on December 6, 1997. She then earned her CD (companion dog) title on June 6, 1998 the month before she turned 11. Tarn qualified in the first three Novice events she entered to fulfill the requirements, but showed her true field spirit in the fourth attempt. During the group sit exercise, Tarn was absorbed in watching the dog in the next ring retrieve an article during a scent discrimination exercise. When the judge in that ring walked between Tarn and the scent article pile, Tarn hopped about one foot to the side, immediately returning to the sit position, to keep from losing sight of the scent article pile. In the field this would be a smart dog "improving their view of a fall", but in the obedience ring, it caused a failure for Tarn in her attempt to get an "insurance" qualification towards her CD title.

Her sire, FC-1984 NAFC Trumarc's Zip Code is the second highest scoring retriever in field trial history. Tarn had two litters, the first sired by FC-AFC Black Gold's Kates Rascal, a yellow lab, and the second sired by CH Halo's Bacherts Super Chance JH. I kept a male (Rascal) and a female (Classy) out of her first litter and a male (Willie) out of her second litter. All her puppies have been black, but Classy and Rascal carry the gene to produce yellow and Willie carries the chocolate gene (but not yellow). Classy, Rascal, and Willie all earned their Master Hunter titles and have qualified for the Master National.

Tarn always gave 100% in the field although she never broke at any event in which she was entered. After her 11th birthday, she was retired from all competition, though she did occasionally get to hunt. At age 12+, she was still the best hunting dog I've ever been privileged to own, hunting doves in September and early October. It's very difficult to watch as a best friend and hunting companion loses a battle with cancer. Tarn lost her battle on January 24, 2000 and joined Chance and Corky at the the rainbow bridge.

Tarn hunting

Tarn's Pedigree

                                2xNFC WHYGIN CORK'S COOT
                        FC-AFC TRUMARC'S RAIDER
                                FC LUKA OF CASEY'S ROCKET
                                FC-AFC CARR-LAB PENROD
                        Doxie Gypsy Taurus
                                Bain Gypsy Jet
                                CFC HIGHLANDER'S BOJANGLES
                        NFC MI-CRIS SAILOR
                                CFC MI-CRIS BLACK LADY
                Seymour's Windjammer Mist
                                NFC-2xNAFC SUPER CHIEF
                        FC WANAPUM SHEBA
                                CAN DUAL CH DART OF NETLEY CREEK
Bakbay Cody's Tarnhunter, MH WCX
                                FC-AFC PAHA SAPA CHIEF II
                        NFC-2xNAFC SUPER CHIEF
                                Ironwood Cherokee Chica
                Super Powder
                                FC MARTEN'S MISTER NIFTY
                        FC MARTEN'S BLACK POWDER KATE
                                Dick's Black Scamp
        Doc's Country Classic
                                Carnmoney Spud
                        FC-NAFC RAY'S RASCAL
                                Miss Fiddlesticks
                Twiggy's Classy Rascal
                                FC-NAFC-CFC GUY'S BITTERROOT LUCKY
                        Wanapum Twiggy
                                Jilly's Tiger Lil

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