Bakbay Supernova MH QA2

Tuco was delivered by c-section on November 29, 2011. He was the product of a breeding of his mom, Abby, to FC Blackwater's Last Resort, a yellow field champion from South Dakota.

Pictures and video clips of Abby and her 2 puppies can be found here. Click on any of the thumbnails on this page to see larger versions of the pictures.

Tuco entered his first event June 16-17, 2012, running Started at the Alamo Retriever Club's HRC test. He qualified both days and delivered his birds flawlessly. On one of the water retrieves, Tuco ran into the anchor line of a decoy and dragged it all the way to his bird, then back to the shore, never deviating from his task or paying any attention to the "hitchhiker". Here are a few pictures from the event as well as Tuco and I with his ribbons.

Tuco passed the two AKC junior hunter tests he entered in the fall of 2012, then finished 2nd in the Derby at the club DQ hosted by the Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club in October 2012. He completed his Junior Hunter title, passing the two junior tests he entered at the Bryan-College Station club tests the weekend of March 2-3, 2013. He also passed a senior hunter test the same day he completed his JH title. He completed his Senior Hunter title two months later at the HOTRC hunt test on May 5, 2013. Despite spending most of his time training for and running field trial events, Tuco passed 5 of 5 master tests entered and earned his Master Hunter (MH) title on April 30, 2016, becoming our 6th generation master hunter.

Tuco's derby career consisted of a lot of near misses, with him collecting 8 JAMs (Judges Award of Merit) and a single 4th place. He has, so far, while running qualifying stakes collected 3 JAMs, a 4th place, and, on May 23, 2014, a 2nd place and is QA2 (qualified all-age).

Tuco has OFA excellent hips, is CNM clear by parentage, EIC clear by genetic test and has OFA eye clearances performed annually.

Random shots of training setups Tuco did before his first birthday can be viewed here.

Tuco's pedigree

					FC AFC Ebony Comets Duke
				NAFC FC The Little Duke of Fargo
					Kankakee Katie
			FC AFC Blackwater Bart II
					FC AFC CFC Rascal's Medicine Man
				FC AFC Rocky Mountain Star II		
					Double G's Baby Snooks	
		FC AFC Blackwater Rudy	
					NAFC CNFC FC Piper's Pacer	
				FC AFC CNFC Hiwood Piper Pacer's Pic '82 NDC	
					All Star's Jumping Joy
			Little Misty of Tulsa (Can.) QAA
					AFC Westwind's Pedro
				FC Ebony Comet's Misty
					Wanapum's Ebony Comet QAA		
	FC Blackwater's Last Resort
					FC AFC Itchin' to Go	
				FC AFC Wilderness Harley to Go
					AFC Black Gold's Candlewood Kate		
			FC AFC Dare to Dream
					FC AFC Trumarc's Hot Pursuit
				FC AFC Fishtrap Aggie
					Tory's Queen Bee QAA
		Dancin Dreamer Kate MH				
					FC AFC Trumarc's Hot Pursuit
				FC AFC Texas WB Cocky Two Stepper						
					AFC Candlewood's Ms Costalot
			HRCH Tanks Alot for the Dance MH
					NFC NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker
				Limestone's Pic a Winner MH
					FC Misty's Pic Annie MH

 Bakbay Supernova MH QA2

					CH Marshland Blitz
				CH Cherry Oaks Dillon Sundance
					CH Moorewoods Jewel
			CH Marshland Bakela
					CH Marshland Blitz
				Marshland Glitz
					Marshland Bold Gabrielle
		CH MACH Prospect's Slam Dunk UD RE MH MXP8 MJP6 PAX2
					CH Monarch's Black Arrogance
				CH Saddlehill Hemmingway CD JH
					CH Saddlehill Promise
			Prospect's Lollapolooza CD JH 
					CH Bold Aaron
				Prospects Fire and Reign WC
					Saddlehill Amber Prospect WC
	HRCH UH Bakbay Lunar Eclipse MH WCX
					Ebonaceae Princess
				HRCH Southill's-U-Gotta-B-Kiddin MH
					HRCH Candlewood Blackgold Brooke MH
	 	HRCH UH Bakbay Full Moon Rising MH NAJ WCX
				HRCH UH Bakbay On The Road Again MH CD AX AXJ RN NAP NJP CGC WCX
					Bakbay Cody's Tarnhunter MH CD CGC WCX 
			Bakbay Honolulu Lulu MH CGC
				Bakbay Tarnhunter's Classic MH WCX
					Bakbay Cody's Tarnhunter MH CD CGC WCX 


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