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I am the proud owner of two beautiful blenheim boys, Hoss (Chickamin's Handsome Hoss), and Billy (Ravenrush Marquis). I am always willing to talk Cavalierese!
Kathy Abrams
Palos Verdes Estates, CA
I am new to the world of breeding and showing.  I am interested in learning all I can so I can do the right things to produce top quality Cavaliers.  I am the proud owner of  Sophie and Susie from Sheeba Cavaliers.  I have just recently whelped my first litter, and  I look forward to exciting times.  I am also looking forward to learning from all of you.
Carolyn Adams, Tallahassee, Florida. 
are and have been showing cavaliers in the UK for a number of years now and have qualified for crufts 2000.we show all colours.and now judge at open show level.
Marco Andrews & Ian Markie
Thayer & Mary Ellen Arthur, Excalibur Cavaliers
Ridgeville, SC 29472
Paula Ayers and Brenda Martz, Brookhaven Cavaliers
Conyers, GA
BO Bailey
My name is Isabelle BARTHES, I'm french and my bleinheim cavalier is called Loulou. I wrote to the cavalier list since april and I meet yet a lot of cavalier lovers all around the world! My cavalier didn't have pedigree but he quite correspond to standard. He is 1 year and 8 month and we do agility: he's very keen on that and me too!
Isabelle BARTHES (Toulouse - France)
John and Alice Beckett Canterbery Cavaliers Our first Cavalier, a tricolor named Winnie, came home with us in 1985 and we have been CKCSC, USA members since. We recently established the CKCSC, USA Heritage Program, a data base to provide positive guidance to breeders to produce healthier and longer living Cavaliers.
John and Alice Beckett, Canterbery Cavaliers
I have two Cavaliers--AM/CAN CH Stillmeadow Dream to Behold FDX, CGC and Behold the Wild Rose AM/CAN CDX, CGC.  I am interested in health, show, and performance events.
Elin Becker, Behold! Cavaliers
Huntington Woods, MI
Good day everyone I have two Cavaliers fabulous animals Male and female. Best friends I have ever had. my wife even get's jealous.
Jamie Bellwood, Australia. (Penrith)
My name is Emma and I´am a blenheim coloured, 3 years old cavalier girl. I have been working as a security director, since I was two months old, in an transportation firm in Malmö, Sweden. I like to take long walks, to sleep both her and there (rather on the sofa than on the floor) and, of course THE FOOD !! I live in a small village beyond the sea in southern Sweden. Just now the weather is lovely and I will go out with my family, Erna and Orvar Bengtsson.
Erna Bengtsson, Höllviken, Sweden
My husband, Dr. Larry A. Bernstein, a holistic veterinarian and I share our home with seven cavaliers (today who knows what tomorrow could bring!), two poodles, a rottweiler and a ragdoll cat.  The Cavaliers are Katie Scarlett Spencer, their daughters Melanie,(4/20/95) Tori (12/2/95) and Noelle (born Xmas Day 1997) and Melanie's children, Beau and Emmie (11/8/97).  Melanie's babies are now our third generation of holistically raised and we are looking forward to the fourth generation sometime in 1999.
Karen Bernstein, Taras Cavaliers
Hi, I'm Leanne Bertani of Columbus, Ohio.  I have only an occasional litter of cavaliers, raised in a home filled with children and smiles. (Member of the English Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, USA.) 
Leanne Bertani,Kelaury Cavaliers
My husband and I are currently owned by a 7 month ruby male Cavalier, named McKenzie (Mickey for short), 2 shelties (Jazz and Toby) litter mates and a little American Eskimo named Carmen.  Our "fuzzy family" is spoiled rotten, and we love to talk about "dogs" especially Cavaliers. email is welcomed at all times.
Cynde and Steve Blackburn, Sterling Heights, MI
My name is Linda and I live in central Texas. I have been into Cavaliers for about 4 years. The saying "bet you can't have just one" is true, I am now on my fourth and I plan to breed my second litter in the fall of 1999. I am a member of the CKCSC,Inc.,USA and strongly advise anyone who is interested in Cavaliers to become members. I would be happy to hear from anyone interested in Cavaliers or to answer any questions that I can. Linda Boulanger, Outland Cavaliers
San Antonio, Texas

Our Cavalier is a tri female named Shadowlawn Lady Audrey Rose, which we have had since August 1. We liked what we saw of the Cavalier breed watching the AKC TV show last winter. We researched the breed on the internet, and found our breeders (Anne and Steve Shapiro) similarly through the internet. We first saw Audrey at 5 days, and have visited her patiently waiting until we could adopt her and take her home. And now she lives with us and is a full member of our family. Have been lurking on the listserv for several months, enjoying the serious and not so serious exchanges that go on there.
Jerry and Priscilla Borden, Huntington Beach, CA
I am the proud owner of a blenhiem bitch,"BONNIE"(Cavsrus Candle In The Wind).Her mother Canterbury Belle by Cavsrus and her father Braddabrook Man About Town (qualified Crufts `98).I am 12 years old and "BONNIE" is my first puppy she is so adorable and i love her very much.
Paul Brogden
I have a 2 1/2 yr. old tri. male named Domino that we have brought from Washington to the great state of Texas.  He is adjusting to the sand burrs and the mosquitoes but he missing playing with other Cavaliers.  Would love to hear from someone in or around the Corpus Christi, Tx area and also learn of local breeders.
Charlotte Brooks, Aransas Pass, Texas
We're from Stoney Creek, Ontario & we have a 9 month Cavalier named Phoebe who is not Registered. Having done the "Backyard Breeding thing"  we are more educated now, and won't be doing that again! Our poor baby, Phoebe has just had surgery on her left hind leg & has to have surgery on her right one in a month for luxating patellas. We also have 3 human children, aged 16, 14, & 9. I don't expect we'll take on any more pets in the near future, as our Phoebe (whom we ADORE) is time consuming & expensive, with all her problems, but we wouldn't give her up for anything.
Debi & Allan Brown
Suzanne R Brown, owned by Alfred (12), Keepsake (10), Merry Masker (8), India, (5) and Laddie, (2). I've been involved with the CKCSC,USA for 13 years, show once or twice a year, and have bred two litters. My Cavaliers changed my life and I adore them! I did the Breed Info service for the CKCSC,USA for 5 years and will always be willing to talk "Cavalier" with anyone.
I have been involved with Cavaliers for over 10 years. We are a small, but serious hobby kennel with some very beautiful, healthy cavaliers from Sheila Smith, Salador.  Our dogs have all have been cardiologist cleared on there hearts. We are home to AKC Ch. Salador Caro at Corner Creek (black and tan), Salador Columbo at Corner Creek (still a clear heart certificate at 6 years old!) who is a blenheim and AKC Ch. Corner Creek Roadmaster, who is a son of Ch. Ravenrush Tartan. We love to talk "cavaliers" with anyone who is interested! We live in Fort Worth, Texas.
Lisa R. Bryant  Corner Creek Cavaliers
Sandy and Joel Bush, Sunvalley Cavaliers
Sheila Cassin
Owned by two Cavaliers, Ch. Delhaze Celia from Pamedna & Dehra Tip Toes, C.D., & an Irish Setter, Best in Show Champion Copperleigh's Ryan O'Balcaire, C.G.C.
Ann Corcoran
Paula Campanozzi,Luxxar CAVALIERS
Home of Ch.Luxxar Deep Ellum (PARKER)
I'm Weilin Cheng and I adopted Oliver, my first and only Cavalier on August 15th, 1996 when he was 9 1/2 months old. He is now the LOVE of my life. I am happy to be part of this Cavalier list, and extrememly proud to be it's first member.
Weilin Cheng
Oliver's Page
Oliver's Bookstore
We're french and live in center of France (Gueret). We have a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles who is 13 months old. He's born in May 97, and his name is Newton. W're always willing to talk Cavalierese.
Héléne et Roland Chesnel
Gueret - France
Lynn Meyer_Robin Chisholm
Chouette Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

We adopted Casey in January 1997. She is a beautiful tri-color and a joy to love!!
Doug and Carol Clark
Belhaven,NC 27810
Our Cavalier family consists of 3 Blenheims.  Two are female littermates, Chelsea & Highland, and our male is B.J.  They are all clown-faced.  Chelsea and B.J. are trained in obedience and agility, but their true calling is 'lap lizards'.  They are truly Cavaliers Extraordinaire!
Winnie & David Clark, Slate Hill, N.Y.
Susan M. Cochran. My husband and I have bred Cavaliers since 1981. I am interested in genetics and pedigree research pertaining to the breeding of healthy, sweet tempered and typy Cavaliers. I show occasionally, not as often as I would like due to my being the primary caretaker of my elderly and wheelchair-bound mother-in-law.
I have a wonderful tri-color puppy named Poppy who is primarily from Chanctonbury and BJ lines.  I am looking for a very knowledgeable "mentor" of sorts to help educate me on this wonderful breed of dog.  I have bred and shown golden retrievers since 1989 and our little Poppy fits right in with the family.
  Patti Conroy
Our kennel name is Gulfbreeze located in Birmingham, AL soon to move to Pratville, AL.  We've had Cavaliers for aout 3 years now.  We have 2 Blenhiems, Devon (3 yrs) and Chipper (7 mos), and 2 Tri's, Lori (2 1/2 yrs) and Calypso (1 1/2 yrs).  We've jsut started showing and intend to breed our loving babies so others who love this breed can share in loving a healthy, happy Cavalier!
Al and Mary Cotton Gulfbreeze Cavaliers, Birmingham, AL
Janice Curtis-Meeson, OBERWYL Cavaliers
The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
horizon@apelink.net.au http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/1638
We live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  We have 4 Cavaliers, Ch. Pixiewood Timothy in June, Ch. Pixiewood Last Rose of Summer, and two puppies, one sired by Ch. B.J. Holy Terror and one sired by Ch. Corneel V.H. Lamslag.
Philippe and Sherry Daigle
I am dedicated to breeding beautiful, sound, healthy and  tempermentally exquisite cavaliers.  I am also commited  to keeping my Cavaliers  small (within the breed standard).
Kathrin Davidovich
Westfield, Massachusetts
My husband and I are pampered and loved by Cody (Chanctonbury Redthea Away We Go) and Casey (Chanctonbury Cranberry). Cody is a Blenheim and Casey is a fabulous Tri-color. I would love to hear from any other Cavalier "parents".
Drue Combs
I live in the beautiful little mountain town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina, with my darling, twelve-year-old tri color "Annie." Over the years, I've had many pets, but there has never been one I've loved more than this precious Cavalier. Annie and I spend many wonderful hours hiking these mountains. She knows Sunday is "hike" day, so she plants herself at the front door, and pleads with those huge, liquid brown eyes, for me to "please hurry, mom." Update: Annie has since passed on and will be sorely missed.
Maggie Davis
I have had the good fortune to share our lives with cavaliers since early in 1982 when Richard, my husband and I acquired our first little boy from Iris Katz that year and they've held a permanent place in our home and hearts since then.  My two children Sarah and Andrew have grown up with the guys.  They're 13 and 11 now.  I suspect couldn't really think of life without a cavalier in their beds.  I've been active with the breed, showing and breeding occasionally for over 15 years.  Hope to have a website up soon so you can come and see my artwork.  I am the cover artist of the 1997 American Cavalier Yearbook.
Joyce Decker
I own two cavalier's and am interested in receiving any information on cavaliers.
Our first Cav came to our front door one day and stayed. She was an old gal and it was obvious that she had had many litters. Try as we might we could not find out where she came from. We were blessed to have her in our family for the next several years. When she passed we searched for another Tri and found Maggie ( Rosewood Lady Margaret). She is a joy to have.
Paul & Tina DeuPree, Redlands CA
My focus is on producing healthy, temperamentally sound, beautiful Cavaliers.
C. Anne Eckersley-Robins, Chadwick Cavaliers
53 Cat Rock Road
Cos Cob,  CT 06807
(203) 629-3496
To introduce the Eklund family: Daphne, the sweetest Bleinheim girl, loving, gentle and very beautiful, born September 27, 1990. Wellesley, the queen Black and Tan--12 pounds of energy--that controls us all, born July 19, 1993. Me, Jeanne, besoted Cavalier lover and junkie since 1986. And Glen, patient, amused by the dog-antics, and the biggest of our pack. We all live in Miami Shores, Florida. Both humans work in television (I'm on a hiatus right now). Both dogs rule our lives with love. And if I had my way, I would have dozens more Cavaliers!
Jeanee Eklund
I have two Cavaliers and I train for obedience and I am desperately hooked on agility.
Diane Eggleston
tsmf55a@prodigy.com (home)
dleggles@library.syr.edu (work)

I am owned by 3 Cavaliers. Harry is a Ruby, nine years old -- with mitral valve disease. Harry is "Somerset Harrison" and his sire was from Ravenrush. Timmy is a nine year old Blenheim, also with heart disease. Timmy is "Ravenrush Tattersall." Last is my five year old female, Sophie (Somerset Sophia) -- who may be last, but certainly is not least! None of them are spoiled (much)!
Sandra Eisenberg
We live in Derby in the Midlands UK and have been showing and breeding CKCS for some 20 years now.
Olwyn & Robert Emery, Amauri Cavaliers
Our household is run by a two year old black and tan female Cavalier named Hot Fudge. She is a very sweet, loving but opinionated young lady!  My husband and I can't imagine life without her.  But our cat, Zak, can! Actually, they are true buddies and both bring us much joy and laughter. We love to travel and are always interested in learning about nice hotels, bed & breakfasts, etc., worldwide, that welcome Cavaliers.
Linda Englisch, Yorktown Heights,New York
My husband and I are pampered and loved by Cody (Chanctonbury Redthea Away We Go) and Casey (Chanctonbury Cranberry). Cody is a Blenheim and Casey is a fabulous Tri-color. I would love to hear from any other Cavalier "parents".
Brigitte & Edv. Falch, Kibergo Kennels (Reg'd)
Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada
I've been actively involved in Cavaliers since 1983; actively involved in showing purebred dogs since 1968. Newly connected (?) to the Web. I am an artist by passion, have developed a line of beautiful Cavalier (and other breeds) pillows and handpainted slates. Slates are a treasured memento by many English breeder/judges who have received them as gifts from Cavalier show club committees.

I have a committment to excellence in my breeding program as well as my artwork. I am recently owned by a litter of three: Remy (Tansy Hill Remarkable), Russet (Tansy Hill Russet Rythmn) and Fred (Tansy Hill Right Red Fred) all from my homebred b/t. Gateslea Special Effex and sired by Bembridge Resemble.

I also am owned by two other Cavs: AKC,CKC,CKCSC Ch.Block Island Wild Rose (co-owned with friend and breeder, Lorraine Cyr, Block Island Cavaliers) and Block Island Corsage at Gateslea. Looking forward to hearing and sharing with Internet friends, new and old.
Judy Gates

Linda Geller
Vacaville CA
We have been involved with Cavaliers since 1988, thanks to the demands of my then 9 year old daughter.  Like so many owners of Cavaliers, we learned of MVD the hard way, and subsequently instituted a rigorous testing program with the assistance of a board certified cardiologist at the University of Tennessee.  We now have a core breeding group (in all 4 colours) over the age of 5 years that is clear for MVD. It is our hope and dream to produce Cavaliers that will be long-lived so that others will not have to go through the distress of watching a beloved pet die much too early.  We are always happy to talk Cavalier!
Hilarie Gibbs & Mel Sykes, Hob Nob Cavaliers
Walland, TN
hobnobcavs@aol.com hgibbs@planetc.com http://www.geocities.com/heartland/hills/6744
Janet S. Gilman
Flying Colors Cavaliers has the distinction of being the only kennel to produce and show All Four Colors Homebred Champions. Home of Ch. Dalvreck Dorocha for Flying Colors the only black and tan male to win Best in Show at CKCSC-USA National Speciality. This most prestigues honor was under World Famous Cavalier breeder judge Pam Thornhill of Kindrum fame. Ross is featured on the cover of this years CKCSC-USA yearbook.

Stud dogs in all four colors available to appoved ladies. All stud dogs tested annually. Only those cleared are available for stud work.

We are always available to help people new to the breed. If you would like more information about Cavaliers call at (502) 826-8777 or email.

Cathy J. Gish, Flying Colors Cavaliers
See some of our dogs in the photo gallery. Home page coming soon

I have had Cavaliers since 1990.  I started out with a lovely blenheim named Fergie from Janet Bates of Chanctonbury. I would like to thank Janet for giving me such a wonderful start.  Fergie's son, Sailin' Jeremiah, just finished with a 5 point major in Ocala.  He is only 15 month's old, but was in the ribbons from the first time he entered the ring!!!  Way to go Annette!  Not to be outdone, Fergie's daughter took her second major at the same show for 5 points!!!  Karen Glicken
Orlando, Florida
I'm owned by Charley and as of late Rosco. I own Norma my wife LOL. Her I can boss around but not those darn Cavaliers.
Ray Gokkes, North Vancouver
I "rescued" Fergie on 2-14-97. She is a spayed, tri-color, and turned two on 3-25. Her former owner named her Lady Ferguson of Truffles. She may be a "second hand" dog, but she is first rate to our family. She is a companion to our West Highland White Terrier...Campelle (Belle). I guess this proves that you can "buy" love. The list-serv is great and has helped me learn more about the wonderful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Margaret Gotti
I have two lovely cavaliers one ruby who is called siabonja dancing flame sired by Harana Hanky Panky and I have a Black and Tan called michael's lucky lad.
Owners of "Fozzie", a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Laura and Jack Griffith, Gaithersburg, MD
My Blenheim Boys are, like myself, native Kentuckians. They were born South of Lexington on a Plantation once owned by the Abolitionist Cassius Marcellius Clay. All are named after Kentucky Counties named after famous personages. I was born, not famous, in Louisville near Harrods Creek and the Rolling Bluegrass where the first Cavaliers "landed " from England.

As a young boy, I occasionally saw the Cavaliers enjoying themselves at such places named Prospect, Goshen, Harmony Landing and Sutherland. Get Togethers were like a Country Picnic enjoyed iin a pastoral setting. The Cavaliers seemed to "fit" with the impressive Kentucky Thorougbred Racing Farms nearby. A word like "points was but a far distant drum beat for many - not to be ever heard!

There are some differences among this Family. I am not Royal. but I did sip some of the Browns' Bourbon. Folklore claims that the bark of the Cavalier is said to have a Southern Accent because of that corn and water mixture!. Believe it or Not!
Jim Guthrie Jr.
Terrace Park, Ohio 45174

Patricia Hagen
Breeder of Cavaliers since 1989
I live in Louisiana and own two Cavaliers. One is a Blenheim, "Gabby" and a Tricolor, "Weezi". They are both being shown in Conformation and I am a diehard Agility enthusiast!!!
Ann Hall
We have a Blenheim bitch named Stella that is an absolute delight. I would love to talk Cavalier to any other Cavalier owners or people contemplating a Cavalier. We waited over 7 years before taking that step, it has been a long timne dream come true, just wish I had gotten one sooner. Thanks for this informative site.
Julia Hall
Daphne is our little Cavalier puppy, she's a nine month old little Ruby,and as cute as can be. Her eyes are hypnotic, she can get my mother and sister to do anything with those melting brown eyes. She likes chasing her frisbee all day long and does an amusing little hop just before she grabs it. We would like to know if there are any breeders in the Czech Republic or near the Czech Republic because we would like to get her a little Cavalier friend in a year or so. Alex and the Halpin family.
Ron Halpin
We have been breeding and showing Cavaliers for 7 years and loved every minute of it. We hope to make it to the National Canadian Specialty in St Catherines Ont. in Sept. of this year.
Kim and Richard Hamel-Bloomfield Cavaliers
I live in the Southwest corner of Michigan. I have been involved with Cavaliers since 1992 when I acquired my tri "Kelsey" (Rattlebridge Time After Time). After clearing health checks at 2 1/2 she had her first litter and provided me with my blenheim "Jazzy" (Roxians Princess Jasmine). In April 97 I became a first time home owner and with that freedom, have started to fulfill my dream of having more cavaliers! My number one priority is the future  health of our beloved breed. All puppies are born, raised and live in the house with me and all the other cavaliers. They are socialized from day one, with lots of holding, hugs, kisses and interaction with people, dogs and cats.
Roxy Anne Hayes
Our home has a new addition to it: Busybee's Lone Ranger...Ranger is an adorable black and tan boy, 16 weeks old and he has stolen the hearts and laps of all three of my children and of course, myself. I would love to talk to any Cavalier people out here.
Stephanie Hayes, Ontario, Canada
ICQ# 36857462
My name is Courtney from Adelaide in Australia and my parents bought me a tri colour CKCS in Dec last yr. Her name is Bonnie and she was born on 8/8/96. She sleeps in her basket in her kennel and loves to go for rides in the car, especially when mum takes my brother, Richard and me to school.I am really enjoying looking at other cavaliers on the internet. I am 9 yrs old.
John Hender
I am a fourteen year old girl whose family has just acquired a beautiful blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sheeba Vanity Fair. (AKA Vanity :-)) She's a very sweet girl, and our first Cavalier. We like the breed a lot!! She's a wonderful little dog, she follows us all around the house but also likes to just sit on our laps. Our whole family is very pleased with our new addition :-)
Lucy Hodgman, Prairie Village, KS
I have been involved in Cavaliers since 1987. My home is presided over by 8 Cavaliers - with 5 of those my golden oldies. I am currently serving on the National Board for the CKCSC, USA and have been Yearbook Editor for the past 8 years. I have shown in both obedience and conformation and dabbled in agility. I believe that health and temperament are paramount in this breed with a little bit of glamour thrown in. Cavaliers should always be pets first!
Barb Hoorman, Benchmark Cavaliers - TX
Hi I have owned Cavalier's for 22 years, my first was a darling Ruby called Cindy (Beliska Cristabelle) who emigrated to Australia with us in 1982 and passed away aged 11. I had to wait until I came home to the UK and got married before getting any more dogs and currently own a Blenheim called Dash (Sweepstone My Jason) and a tri-colour Rogue (Yrrek Girl - he is a BOY so don't laugh at his stupid name) whom we rescued from a puppy farm aged 11 weeks. I am a memeber of the Eastern Counties CKCS Society and did attempt to show Dash as he is so handsome! Rogue is more into obediance. Love to hear from fellow Cavalierians!!
Caron Hunt, Northamptonshire England
Our family has a a CKCS for six years. Winston is one of the family and frequently receives more attention from my mother than I do.
Jay Johnson
I'm from Norway, and have been devoted to the Cavalier since 1987. I love to show, breed and learn as much as possible about them. My Cavaliers are my life, and I look forward to meet new friends with the same affection to these adorable dogs as myself.
Rose Lill Jonassen, Fuzzyheimen Cavaliers
Martha Jones
"Chong-co", the dog is our best friend...This pretty girl is one year old ruby cavalier and we're very proud of her.
Seong-soo Kim & Sang-hee Joo, Seoul, Korea
I have recently become interested in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  We currently have a 6 yr. old English Springer Spaniel and two children under the age of three.  I expect that it will be about three to four years before we are ready to bring a puppy home as we want the children to be old enough to be truly GENTLE with a small dog.  We live in Maine and I would very much like to hear from people in Maine (or northern New England).  I want to use the next few years to meet some Cavaliers, to learn as much as possible about the breed, and to (hopefully) find the breeder of our next dog.  I look forward to participating on this list and offer many thanks in advance for your generous and wise advise.
Ann Kidder, Southwest Harbor, ME
"Chong-co", the ruby cavalier girl is our best friend. She is one year and two months old.

Chong-co has so many nicknames...
1. Superdog.................'cos she acts like "SUPERMAN".
2. Bobdog....................in Korean words, "bob" means food.
3. Lonelydog...............she has no boyfriend yet.
4. Wookingae...............means "the funny dog".
......and so on...

Seong-soo Kim & Sang-hee Joo, Seoul Korea

Sheila M. Kish, Rediviva Cavaliers
Permanently Registered/CKC) B.C., Canada

I have had cavaliers since 1987 with my oldest dogs being 10.5 years I actively show in conformation and have had many years experience in obedience. I am currently a Temperament Test of Canada evaluator.
Charlene Kratz, Woftam Cavaliers
We are glad to find out - after reading the other messages - that we are not the only ones with deviating behaviours!! Our two black and tans (mother and son) will be pleased to know this as well and of course continue to take advantage of our weakness for them.
Theo and Carla Kok, Emmen, the Netherlands.
I'm Maureen Kopper of Shrewsbury, MA and my husband and I are Cavalier lovers. We are just now looking for our first Cavalier, and I am happy to be part of this list.
Maureen Kopper
Linda Kornhi
The CKCSC, USA, Inc. Rescue

20 years experience in cavaliers, zero experience on the internet !!!! Delighted to have the opportunity to chat with other Cavalier enthusiasts.
Robert & Heather Lamont, Moorfields Cavaliers, Northern Ireland
robhea@globalnet.co.uk Ed Koryl
Ekoryl@aol.com Ekoryl@aol.com
I own one blenheim cavalier. His name's Benji, and as of the end of last year, he has one eye. He's an accident magent!! Is it true that these dogs are the furthest related to wolves?
John Lara, Sydney, Australia
Cindy Lazzeroni
We have recently adopted a beautiful 4 year old blenheim boy from rescue.  Capio has become the doted on baby of the family in two short months.  Our family want to express our great appreciation to Linda Kornhi and the other members dedicated to Cavalier Rescue.
Dana Lee in Flagstaff, AZ
Harold & Joan Letterly, Wyndcrest  Cavaliers 661 Woodlawn Avenue, San Bernardino, CA  92407 Lett@gte.net
We are the lucky owners of 2 Tricolor Cavaliers: Chadwick Ailsa Craig, age 3, and Lily, age 2. Lily came to us through a Rescue program, and has been our girl now since October '96. Both of our furry girls are the very special friends of our daughters Alida and Anne, and the dogs are also the darlings of the local elementary school and honorary Girl Scouts (although they are more likely to eat GS cookies than sell them). We try to attend as many Cavalier events as possible; unfortunately won't get to the June and August CNE shows because of family weddings! We are very glad that when we were choosing a breed several years ago, that we decided on CKCS, and found our wonderful Ailsa.
Howard and Cass Liberman, Lincoln Park, NJ
I am a Cavalier and King Charles breeder in Finland - the vice chairman of the Cavalier KCS Club of Finland and the chairman of the breeding committee. I've been involved with Cavaliers (and the Club) since 1973.
Anne Lindstrom, kennel Cavannes
I live in Sweden and I'm 21 years old. I love tricolor Cavaliers. I've had three of them so far. I bought the first one in 1987. She was called Pepsi (Charmörs Kiwi). Now I have a lovely Cavalier called Trixie (Corbona's Chady Lady) and I also share a puppy called Bella (Bräkentorpens California Love) with my mother. I'd like to have contact with Cavalier lovers all around the world!
Nina Lindström
Marjorie Logan
This is our first and only Cavalier, a 6 month old Black & tan puppy, named Gabby. She has certainly won us over with her charms.
We have a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Benji.  He has been with us now for three and a half years and we can't imagine life without him.  He is a wonderful companion who loves going for walks or is equally happy sitting on someone's lap.
Debbie MacCarthy and Mark Behrnes (Christchurch - New Zealand)
Australian Cavaliers: Chalsmae Kennels. Currently we have five bitches. Two currently being shown. One six year old. One that has just welped, and one 12 week old pup- who eats carpet,anything that is not alive, and barks at it's owners when it is hungry.
Jenni and Allen Mae
Patty Mattingly, Nobella Cavaliers
Leonardtown, Maryland
www.geocities.com/heartland/meadows/2411 patmar@erols.com
I am the owner of 6 dogs, 2 of which are Cavaliers. Rufus is a Blenheim, and Casey is a Tricolour. Both male, totally devoted to each other! I dabble a bit in obedience with both, having been inspired by a friend in Sweden (now sadly dead) who made up her wonderful Blenheim bitch to obedience champion! Rufus is quite good, but Casey can't see the point....!I am Swedish, but have lived in England for 10 years, since I married my English husband.I write books about pets ( a Cavalier one is due to be published), and my husband is a journalist specialising in dogs.
Marianne Mays
Cecelia McNamara
Peggy Mickelson
AtLast Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
www.geocities.com/heartland/estates/4977 cavaliers@usa.net
Martha Moreira, Knightsbridge Cavaliers (Miami, FL)
Greg & Heidi Mohn, Covington Cavaliers
Kent, WA
I have a Black and Tan Bitch 2yrs old called Mildred. She shares her home with a 10 yr old Deerhound and a 12 yr old mongrel. Mildred is practicing hard to become the naughtiest dog in the world and I do believe with all the effort she puts it she'll manage it one day.
Tess Moore
Owners of a 6 1/2 yr old female blenheim, Laughing Barbie Doll, daughter of Laughing Dolly Daydreams
Barbara J. Morgans [and Margarita Schriver]
I have a tri-color girl Dickens from Bentley's Priory in San Diego.  Her name is Dickens and have recently bred her from a stud form Bentley's Prior. He is from the Grantilly Line. She is from the Amantra/Ravenrush line and we love her to death. I have volunteer with COTW as a table stewart in obedience at the Nor Cal show.  Love to chat with people who have experience with whelping as I understand Cavs are another story from what I am used to (Golden Ret.). Any helpful hints graciously accepted from Teresa Murphy in Northern California.
Teresa Murphy
Elizabeth Murray
Logansport,Indiana 46947
My family have two bleinheim cavaliers. Their names are Bri($B!j(J) & Tain($B!i(J). They are so friendly and loved by neiborhood too. I am member of "CAVALIER CLUB" which is not official. We are communicating about CAVALIER to use computer network service,that is the NIFTY-Serveservice,in Japan.
Tosiyuki Nakano
Kyoto Japan
we have owned bred and shown cavalier king charles spaniels since early 1970. We only breed one or two litters a year hearts and eyes are checked annually with currant certificates held
Ron and Mavis Naylor Maenan Cavaliers, Liverpool England ronmay@naylor59.freeserve.co.uk
Debbie  and Ian Nobes, Delores Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
www.k9netuk.com/breed/delores.html delores@pipemedia.co.uk
Hello, I'm the best friend of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Nico. He's blenheim and two years old. He's the middle of our family and we are glad to own him. Nico has a homepage and you're welcome to visit him there.
Nico and Gundi
We have two 3 year old half brothers:  Tenno (Jap. for "Heavenly King") a Ruby and Comes (Latin for "Companion"; pron. like comet) a B/T.  A fellow clergyman once chided me by saying "You're supposed to see the face of Christ in every human being."  My response, "I don't, but I do in my dogs!"   Love, innocence, forgiveness!
The Rev. Canon Richard T. Nolan
West Palm Beach, Florida
Joanne Opel, Kilbrook Cavaliers
Ringwood, NJ
I am being held prisioner by a 3yr. old Ruby girl, Scarlett and a 2yr. old Blenheim boy named Cody. My husband and I are hoping for a life sentence. We obvioulsy adore these two and would love to talk Cavaliers with anyone who will listen.
Lorraine Padden
Syracuse, N.Y.
I have 2 Cavaliers and can't imagine life without them. Max is 2 1/2 and Blenheim. Charlie is 8 months old and Tricolour, he's still a mischevious puppy at times. They are both great fun!
Katrina Penna
Hi, I am the proud new owner of a beautiful Cavalier blenheim boy, Meadowbrook Rustic Lad(we call him Rusty). He is 10 weeks old and loved by all who meet him, not to mention my 3 chihuahuas who adore his every move. I would like to show him in the future and any advice and tips would be most welcome.
Merry Pronk
Our family lives in Brookfield, Wisconsin and we have one Cavalier. Her name is Gray Stone Amy Victoria ("Tory") and she is a one and one-half year old Blenheim. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and we all thoroughly enjoy having her with us. She seems very intelligent and is relatively easy to teach. We also enjoy taking her to dog shows but regret that most dog shows in Wisconsin do not have many Cavaliers.
Steve Ponto
My first cavalier is a ruby, named Dixie. We live in the beautiful low country of S.C. I have been a member of the CKCSC U.S.A.,Inc. since 1996 and studying the breed since 1994.  I am a owner/handler and novice breeder of whole colors. I will, if all goes as planned have my first litter this Spring! I use the term novice breeder because I have not reached my goal of producing atleast 3 generations of healthy,loving cavaliers that have something to offer the breed.
Patricia Powers, Pratt Cavaliers.
We are currently owned by two blenhim cavaliers.   Who we adore.   They have brought much joy into our lives.   Would like to chat with other cavalier people.
Ray & Carole Romanini, Cape Coral, Florida
Andy's Cavalier Page

I have had a pet quality Cavalier for almost two years and am anxious to do more with this breed I have grown to love so much. I would like to own a dog, someday, worthy of the showring.  The most important thing to me is the health of my dogs.  I welcome anyone's advice on how to get started.
Millie Rice
I live in a community outside of Houston, Texas.  I am a breeder and occasionally have puppies in all four colors that I place in approved homes.  I believe that health is the most important thing, followed by temperament and beauty, and I test for heart, eyes, hips and patellas on my breeding stock.  My Cavaliers and puppies are lovingly raised in my home.  I have been a member in good standing with the CKCSC, USA, since 1987 and am a member of the AKC.  My puppies are all dual registered.  Inquiries are welcome.
  Jimmie Lee Roberts, GEMS CAVALIERS
We have a blennium beautiful girl named Molly. She will be 1 on Dec. 15th! She's the sweetest dog I've ever known and my daughter Casey thinks so too!!!!  She loves to take long walks, then come home and snuggle!!!!
Laurie Roland
Located in South Central Connecticut, Kenjockety breeds Cavaliers, English Toys and a very few English Cocker Spaniels. Our Cavalier lines are based primarily on Homerbrent'. We are a health and temperament oriented kennel. We emphasize personal contact with all of our dogs, especially our puppies. My kennel represents the third generation of quality hobby breeding. We strongly encourage CKCSC involvement among our Cavalier owners, and responsible pet ownership among all our puppy buyers. All pets are sold on spay/neuter contracts. Inquiries on all three breeds are welcome as are visits when time permits.
Vanessa W. Rydholm
Kenjockety Spaniels
Cavalier, English Toy and English Cocker Spaniels
Visit a web site that is dedicated to Australian Cavaliers that have accomplished something special. A collection of Photos, details and stories, started July 98. Cavalier Accomplishments Web Site Address-
Anne & Eddy Safianski(Sale - Victoria - Australia)
Leo is a female Cavalier. She is now 2 years old. She live in Yokohama Japan with her six human family. The following is her diary with her photographs.
Katsuo Sakai
Yuki Sakai
I have 4 Cavaliers tricolour and blenheim. I love my frends very  much they are very frendly and lovely. I breed Cavaliers whit name Chevy Mary´s. It would be nice if someone would send me e-mail.
Mary Saarinen, Finland
We own and show 2  Cavaliers, a Blenheim girl and a Tri boy.
Sather, Carl & Donna
Birmingham, AL
Ros Scott
Busybee Cavaliers .... We adore our Cavaliers. Health and temperment are our primary concerns. We also think that they are very pretty.
Connie Setzer, Mystar Cavaliers
mystar@icx.net email
Steve and Anne Shapiro, Shadowlawn Cavaliers
We are on the outskirts of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The home of 7 Cavaliers all four colours ( at Last) one Ruby, three B/Tans two Tricolours one 11 years old, and a clear heart, last but not least Paterick our home bred Blen boy 13 weeks old. We are member of  the Cavalier Club of Great Britain, The Humberside Cavalier Club, and The North of England Cavalier Club. Rescue interests us very much having been rescue officers for 5 years, re-homeing around 250 Cavaliers over the  years, Lotts of happy tails some sad ones. Lynette also has experience of hand rearing puppys and will  always give help and advive the those who need it.
Robin Lynette Shillito
I am the "Auntie" to Chloe, a Blenheim King Charles Spaniel.  She is the sweetest, most loving dog you would ever want to know.  She is spoiled by her loving mom Diane, but how could you resist with the unconditional love that Chloe brings to your life?  She is truly special! I would like to hear from other Cav owners!
Anita G. Sidlow
Barbara Garnett Smith
Cindy Smith
Kantu on the Web
Although new to the breeding of Cavaliers we plan on being around. We belong to various Cavalier clubs and are interested in improving and working towards heart healthy Cavaliers.
Jim and Gerda Smith, Benavis Kennel
Dunnville Ontario
We are in Cork Ireland.
Lionel and Bernadette Smith, Rosspenn Cavaliers

I'm owned by my 4 year old little black and tan girl Cutie. She brings so much joy to life, and I like to brag about her all the time. I love this breed, and love learning more about my prize partner in crime.
Marie Sonnon, Peru, Illionis
Shirley Sostre from Boulder, Colorado USA.  Our little boy is Max (Cloverdale Holiday Stocking), a rambunctious blenheim born Dec. 23, 1997.  He is our first Cavalier and he is the sweetest thing on earth. . . Except when he chases around our two cats, Mila and Fuzz.
Shirley Sostre
I live in Austin,Texas and got my first and only CKCS in 2/97 when he was 3 months old. Max is a tri-colored male. We have 2 children ages 5 and 10 and it did not take long for us to completely fall for him as we have never had a dog with such a sweet disposition.
Ann Soule

We live in a small town in Perthshire,Scotland with our three cavaliers.Our eldest is a b/t called Reuben,he will be 4years old in September.Next comes Luc,a ruby,who unfortunately grew too big for showing but is a very handsome big boy.....he is 2 years old.Last but not least is the naughtiest.....Patrick,a tri-colour,and he is 14 months old.We started showing with Reubens litter brother and had many placings at open shows but sadly Jacob became ill and died at the tender age of 2years 2 months.Losing a beloved pet at any age is distressing but to lose him at such a young age was so sad.We have shown Patrick at open shows where when he is in the mood he has been placed.We have met so many nice people through our interest in the breed at shows and in the Conference Room.Our only regret is that we did not discover the breed sooner.
Derek and Iris Soutar
I'm from Maitland, Australia. I have one Bleinhiem Cavalier named Jasper who is very much loved by our family. With four children there is not enough of little Jasper to go around. So in three weeks we'll be collecting the newest addition to our family, a tri-coloured girl who will most likely be named Sophie. I hope to start breeding these gentle, loving dogs in 1998. Would love any advice I can get.
Kate Stephen
We have a 1 year old cavalier named max and we are so proud of him.
Sean Story, Centreville,Va
Inge Svensson
We are the  very proud owners  of a young female Cavalier called Tosca. She is an absolute sweety and a very pretty little Blenheim. We live on the South Coast in the UK and Tosca is our first Cavalier although not our only dog. We also have a Springer called Monty. We love to chat dog and would be pleased to hear from other Cavalier owners.
Louise Tarrier
I'm Veronica Tarozzi and my Cavaliers are Jackie,Blen 18 months male and the little Camilla,a sweet 6 months old Tricolour. We are Italian.
Veronica Tarozzi
We are the "Klondike Kavaliers", who live in the Land of the Midnight Sun, tried our paws panning for gold, got side tracked and went swimming instead! Visit us in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.
Cornelia, Keith, Buttons, Nouget, & Chester Tegart
Angela M. Thomas
I have two wonderful Cavaliers that I love very dearly!!!  I have a male, tricolor, 1.5 years old named Quincy.   I also have a female, blenheim, 2.5 years old named Millie.  I got Quincy when he was about 4 months old and I got Millie when she turned 2.  Millie is a rescue who came from a neglectful home.  She is the most precious angel though. She was not abused, just badly neglected.  She is such a gift to my life!  Quincy, on the other hand, has not been neglected a day in his life, and he knows it!!  He is spunky and always hap-hap-happy, and cannot comprehend the idea of doing anything that isn't fun.  In fact, that's his middle name:  Quincy, If-it-isn't-fun-why-do-it, Trenkle (my last name). A picture of M&Q can be seen on page 8 of the photo gallery.  We live in Vermont with my two cats, Georgie and Sammy-Sam. And we're all very happy together.
Zoey Trenkle
Betty Turner
Kathy Van Tuyl
We have two Blenheim Cavaliers.  Quincey (Ch Glenorchys Tallygold Harlequin) is 3 years old.  Lily (Ch Glenorchys Tallygold Lily) is the sweetest little female.  She is very strong and active.  I hope to get into breeding in the spring and to that end am studying all I can on genetics and breeding.  Our web site needs to be updated but shows our babies.
Melva Vail & Rodney Vail, Tallygold Kennels
Heli-Anneli Vare, kennel Harmonic
Tony Ventura
We currently have two very nice Blenheim girls,  Nikki and Holly.  We love showing them in conformation and do so frequently.  We have been involved with Cavaliers since 1995 and plan to breed our first litter next year.  As soon as we finish Nikki we hope to get involved with agility and possibly obediance competition.  We are members of the ACKCSC and want to do all we can to protect and better this breed we so love.
Dave & Lisa Wagner, CastleMyst Cavaliers, New Jersey
My husband and I are owned by a Blenheim boy named Gizmo. Gizmo is 2 years old, born and raised in Hawaii. I am looking for breeders in Hawaii or Australia. Because of Hawaii's strict rules on quarantine, only puppies from Australia can be brought in without spending a day in quarantine. Please contact me if you have any information or just want to chat Cavalier! :-)
Carolyn Wallace
My name is Catherine Walsh from West Cork, in Southern Ireland. I have one Cavalier 5 years old bleinheim and white, his name is Charlie.. Ireland.
Catherine Walsh
I have two 16 week old Cavalier puppies who have quickly become the light of my life.  I had no idea how special these loving little puppies really were until bringing them home 2 months ago. Nelson is a tri-color male and Lady Emma is blenheim in color.
Berta Warden
I have two cavaliers, Rosie and Cora. I live near Edinburgh, Scotland and my address is 1 cherry tree crescent, balerno, edinburgh eh145ax. I would like to join the club and be interested in hearing from anyone who has a similar interest in these pesky dogs!! I am 14 and my brother Graeme is 12.
Alyson Warren
Pat & Sherry Weinstein
Jan Wendell, owned by Africa and her daughter, Cameroon. I've been associated with CKCSC,USA for 8 years and have been the editor of the CKCSC,USA Bulletin for 5 years. On occasion, I can answer questions. Cameroon is my only successful litter and is being reared as a proper only child.
Jan Wendell
22 yrs. breeding Cavaliers in all 4 colours
Karen E. Wills, Kewpy's Perm.Reg. Cavalier KCS, BC. Can. kewpys@hotmail.com
I was brought up with a male Blenheim Cavalier in the early 1950s called Prince, had my own Blenheim(Gemma) in 1981- she died in 1993 of a heart mumour. Now we have two more additions to the family- a Blenheim, Harry who will be 2 on 25th June 1997 and a Tricolour, Holly who will be 2 on the 24th of June 1997. They are cousins! So I think I know my Cavaliers and will always be happy to chat "Cavalier".
Sara Westwood (UK)
My family and I call our home "Cavalier Kingdom" where my rowdy herd run 2 acres on the outskirts of St Augustine. My daughter Nina and I try to hit as many dog shows in Florida as humanly possible, sometimes bringing kennel help ( my husband, Tim and 5 yr old son , Zach) . As soon as Zach is tall enough, he will join his big sister ringside and give her a run for her money! On occasion, ( rare!) you can find Dad lending a hand in the ring too!
Jennifer Wehking, St Jon Cavaliers
I am a newcomer to Cavaliers when I acquired my first boy, Chanctonbury Stuart "Bub", out of Ch & Can Ch Rutherford Elliott of Shagbark and Hilarney the Melody of Chanctonbury.  He is a beautiful tricolored. Then I bred  "Bub" beautiful daughter "Di"  to Ch. Holyoake Pistol Pete and acquired my two babies, Stuarthome Celtic Pride "The Duke" and Stuarthome English Rosette "Rosie". I also am proud to also acquired Northwood-Stuart All-In-Favor "Joy", a blenheim female out of Ch Redthea Daniel of Rattlebridge and Ch Emjo Hush-Hush and a blenheim female out of Ch. Ravenrush Impressario and Ch Excalibur Pearl Jam, named St Jon Jaclene of Stuarthome "Jackie-O". Heart, Temperment, Beauty and most of all Love are the cornerstone of my feeling regarding breeding and showing my treasured Cavaliers.
Kathy Yonkers-Wright
We are presently living with Blenheim and Tricolor Cavaliers, Some Champions, all Champions of our hearts.
Tom & Connie Zachar, Chaucer Cavalier
Bentley is the sweetest, funniest guy you'd ever want to meet.  If you're having a bad day, he can make your heart melt with just a turn of his head.  He's my Cavalier of course. He's trained in obedience and we're planning to do Therapy Dog work through TDI and then Delta. 
Diane Zdrodowski
I live in Wisconsin, USA. I have three dogs. A border collie, a collie mix, and of course, Copper, my Cavalier. He is a male tri and a real sweetie.
Doreen Zieger