love song of a summer night

by Cindy Huyser

suppose tonight
we lay down
beneath the stars
naked and unopposed
by walls and ceilings.
then the rising moon
would be our candle
dancing delicately
full as my heart with you
full as my body with you
this radiant pleasure

suppose again
the singing of the frogs.
voices call and respond
down the creek
loud, insistent, and hungry.

suppose a raft drifting slow
rocking in the current of the creek
the frogs' songs everywhere around
the reedy rub of rushes.

i swoon to your touch
feel my heart open
feel the way i love you, love you
feel the way you love me, love me

© 1999 Cindy Huyser
Published in GrrlTalk: An Anthology of Writing by the Austin WriterGrrls

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