Punishment Fit for a Queen

by Cindy Huyser

What punishment befits a vain and
wicked queen, cunning and cruel?

She sent her huntsman to bring
Snow White's lungs and liver.

"It is done, My Queen," he said,
and she supped, grinning.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
who's the fairest of them all?

'Twas still Snow White. The irate queen,
disguised, then poisoned her.

Inside her glass casket, she didn't rot;
was by happenstance revived

To marry a prince,
who asked the queen to their wedding.

The prince's workmen fashioned iron shoes,
and heated them cherry red,

Made the queen wear them,
and dance 'til she was dead

©2002 Cindy Huyser
Published in "The Fairest of them All," an anthology of poems, essays, and very short stories about Snow White (Daniel & Daniel Publishers)

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