LMB Gathering, Austin, December 4, 1999

If you're unidentified in these pictures, please let me know and I'll add you to the captions. I took these, but I was too busy playing host to play photojournalist, and I missed a lot of people. I know several others were snapping away the whole time, so if you took some good pictures at this extravaganza, send me the scans (or loan me prints and I'll scan) and I'll add them to this page.

1. Elizabeth Moon nibbling nachos, Lois contemplating the butterbug puppet.

2. Joann, Elizabeth, Sue, Wheeler (Sue's son), Pogo

3. Elizabeth and Lois compare notes, Rusty listens.

4. ???, Sara, Deanne hit the barbecue.

5. Cynthia, Sandy, Louann

6. Louann, Sylvia.

7. Joann, Wheeler

8. ???, ???, Becky, Scott, Stephanie

9. ???, Stephanie, Jan

10. Louann and the famous tee shirt.

11. Elizabeth signing a book for Karin.
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