Terry J. DuBose, M.S., RDMS
American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) #4634
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program -- Univ. Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Lucy DuBose, MA, MSW
Dancer & Dance Educator


Texas/Arkansas Ultrasound: TxArUS - Contract Diagnostic Medical Sonography


BASIC BABY II - Software for fetal size/age analysis and personal computer consulting


Mind's Eye Imaging
Photography, Silk Screen, Desk Top Publishing, Video, Camera Ready and just about any other imaging project you might desire

Office phone number: 501-686-6510
Answer machine phone number: 501.661.1799
FAX: number: 501-686-6513

E-mail address: DuBoseTerryJ@exchange.UAMS.edu or dubose@prismnet.com


DuBose Family Genelogy & Album

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BBII for information about BASIC BABY.

EHR for information about BASIC BABY's AGE from the Embryonic Heart Rate.

FETAL SONOGRAPHY for information about my book FETAL SONOGRAPHY.

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