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During the early 1980's my staff and I began computerizing sonographic fetal measurements. One of the easiest and therefore the first questions studied was the old fable that the fetal heart rate was an indicator of the fetal sex. This research found th ere was no difference in male and female fetal heart at anytime during pregnancy. We submitted the research to the J Ultrasound in Medicine in 1985 but it was rejected for publication. The JUM editor did find the information interesting enough to reques t us to submit it as a letter to the editor. This letter was published in 1988 (JUM, 7:237-238).

We believe this was the first publication of the remarkable heart rate curve of the developing human. It was also the first publication of the observation that the heart rate correlates with the gestational age. The complete research was published in 19 89 and 1990, (DuBose, Porter, Dickey, et al; Sonographic Correlation of Fetal Heart Rage and Gender; J Diag. Med. Sonography, 1989; 5(2):49-53 and DuBose, Cunyus & Johnson; Embryonic Heart Rate and Age, JDMS, 1990; 6(3): 151-157). Unfortunately, these tw o article are rarely referenced because the JDMS is not indexed in the major medical publication databases.

Subsequent research provided regression formulas which allow an estimation of embryonic age and well-being. The latter research is currently in peer review for possible publication. The following are some of these regressions {+/-2SD = +/- 8 days}:

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The above relationships are valid from as soon as the heart rate can be measured by M-mode (5th LMP week via transvaginal transducer) until the start of the 9th week. See my book, FETAL SONOGRAPHY, Chapter 12, Embryo/Fetal Hea rt Rates, W. B. Saunders Co., Philadelphia, 1996 (binding date, Sept. 1995) for a complete discussion of the developing human heart rates and their interpretation.

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