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which is always under construction with the help of MacWeb, HTML Editor, Anarchie,and The Internet Adapter, with support by NewsWatcher and the Eddy award winning Eudora 2.1 To turn a Macintosh into an email and Web server, check out Web 66. Last updated on May 19, 1995NEW!

Hey there!Visit my contradance page or a few of my favorite pages.

If you don't know what contra dancing is, you can find out on Gary Shapiro's page. And if you like to travel by car, you may want to check the WWW Speedtrap Registry first.

Hypertext is cool

and The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 is probably the best single example I've yet found. Web pages are written in a language called HTML and if you've been up writing pages all night on Christmas Eve, The Internet Pizza Server is the solution to all your dietary needs, and the only place us late night hackers can get a pizza delivered on Christmas.

Natural history, evolution and the evolution of behavior

are hobbies of mine, so I spend a lot of time riding The Subway from the basement of Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology to many, um exciting destinations around the net, including the Expo Ticket Office at the university of North Carolina, the Australian National Botanic Garden in Canberra. Along the way, you might meet Charlotte, the Vermont Whale. Fast friendly trains run on time, except when they explode. They'll even take you to the Russian Paleontological Institute, or to the ArchNet, or the many other Museums on the net.

If you'd rather ride a real train than a virtual subway

You'll find everything for the well-connected railfan or transit geek amongst the Railroad-related Internet Resources. Tour the Metro de Paris or peruse San Francisco Bay Area Transit information. Check out the way cool BART maps of existing and proposed lines and routes, and a San Francisco Municipal Railway streetcar route map. If you're in a hurry, ask the Subway Navigator to tell you how long it'll take you to get from here to there, and if you're not in a hurry, ride Amtrak to the Cyberspace World Railroad.

Nature often happens outdoors

but before you run off to look for some, read about it indoors. Visit the Big Island of Hawaii, or take The Journey North, a NEW! experimental, interactive exploration of the North American arctic, which includes Wild Adventurers, a map of animal sightings and migration patters being built by users. Add your sightings to the map. Way cool, though the information is not at all scientific. A Prototype National Park Information System contains information on Yosemite and on Pinnacles National Monument. It's really a prototype, huh? but a neat one. If you mind the mud, stop by the Speleology Server Home Page, or the NEW!Backcountry Home Page.

Several animals have pages of their own

Sandra Loosemore (a delightful person and dear friend) maintains The Froggy Page and Henry Farkas maintains The International Sheep Home Page. Manatees have a page, and so do foxes, wolves and of course, NEW! lemurs. A wealth of other zoological and biological information lives at the Electronic Zoo.

Many people have home pages

that are much more interesting, unusual, or creative than mine. At The Garden of Eden, you'll find an expert on pi. The Goddess of All has a nice place, though you'll have to follow a few links to get to the fun stuff. jude maintains the NEW! Moose's Guide to Northern Exposure. And Mallard Leisure Systems features a particularly relaxing concept. If you haven't had breakfast yet, stop by Starfish's Realm, and if you like flames, visit George Goble's Extended Home Page. Bring something to throw on the grill, and say nice things to your hard-working net connection.

Food and Culture

The Gumbo Pages will take you on a virtual tour of one of my favorite culinary and musical destinations, New Orleans and Louisiana. If you want some real heat, make reservations at Mark Miller's Red Sage or order in from Hot Hot Hot. I'm sure hot sauce is really good on Snail Livers or exploding grapes or Pop-Tart blowtorches. Have dessert at Musical Offering in Berkeley, or order in from Shag's Chocolate Page. After dessert, stop by Ansel Adams' exhibition Fiat Lux or Chesley Bonestell's art gallery. Or just stay home and read about food in the Chile-Heads' page or the electronic Gourmet Guide while listening to François Velde's NEW! Early Music page or Angie Smith's NEW! pages for her radio show Harmonia and her brilliant Medieval music ensemble Altramar.

Only on the Web...

can you find The LEGO Page and learn How to Fill a PEZ Dispenser, have Fun with Grapes or make strawberry Pop-Tart blow-torches.

Here's a bunch of neat pages, some useful pages, a few unusual pages, and my PGP public key

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