Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Chapter 3 Quiz

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  1. Define primary research report as the term is used in Chapter 3.

  2. Explain why causes and effects are so important in primary research reports.

  3. Transitions are critical in discussing causes and effects. Provide some examples of sentences with transition words and phrases that you would expect to see in cause-effect discussions.

  4. Describe a project that would require some primary research.

  5. Provide an example of a telescoping cause-effect relationship.

  6. Explain the function of a scope statement in an introduction to a cause-effect discussion or in a primary research report.

  7. Describe the organizational approach that Chapter 3 recommends for any cause-effect discussion.

  8. In a primary research report, what is the name of the section containing a summary of the existing research related to the research topic?

  9. Explain the differences between the findings section and the conclusions section in a primary research report.

  10. Explain the primary reason why primary research reports contain sections on methodology, procedures, equipment, materials, and facilities.

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