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  1. The tape drive requirements considered in this recommendation report are (1) speed, (2) price, (3) ease of use, and (4) warranty.
  2. All three drives are comparable in the ease of use category.
  3. Many home computer users store gigabytes of personal and financial data on their hard disks.
  4. The Tecmar NS20 is the most expensive drive.
  5. The Tecmar NS20 tape drive has the fastest speed with the HP Colorado a close second.
  6. The HP Colorado and the OnStream DI30 are comparable in price, although they have only half the operating speed of the Tecmar NS20.
  7. The HP Colorado 20GB tape drive is the best choice because the warranty is the same as the Tecmar, the speed is almost equal to the speed of the Tecmar, and the cost is $436 less than the Tecmar. The significantly higher price of the Tecmar is the deciding factor.
  8. The OnStream DI30 has the slowest speed and the shortest hardware warranty.
  9. Three internal IDE (type of interface found in PCs) tape drives capable of storing at least 20GB of compressed data on a tape are compared in this report.
  10. Many tape drives and media designed for small business servers are capable of storing gigabytes of data, but they cost $1500 or more.
  11. The HP Colorado and the Tecmar NS20 both have a two-year warranty.
  12. SCSI drives were not considered, because home PCs do not generally have SCSI interfaces. Internal tape drives are reviewed, because they are less expensive and faster than external tape drives.