Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Comparison Format (Web Pages)

In this lab, you select and organize information from existing documents, add headings, lists, and illustrations to create a web-page comparison that uses the point-by-point approach. To be ready for this project, you need to have have studied Chapter 17 in Power Tools for Technical Communication and have done at least one other web-page formatting project:
  1. Using a simple text editor or web-page editor of your choice, create a simple web page like the one shown in Chapter 17 entitled My First Web Page. Between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags and between the <H1> and </H1> tags, substitute Web Page Comparison.
  2. Select one of the options below this box, and and follow the instructions there.
  3. Study the unformatted text carefully, rearrange the paragraphs as necessary, add headings, and reformat text as numbered or bulleted lists as necessary.
  4. Put your name, Comparison Format (Web Page), and the date on this document, and print it out for your instructor.

Use the information at one of the following web sites to construct a point-by-point comparison as described in Chapter 4 of Power Tools for Technical Communication:

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