Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Identify Points of Comparison

As you know from Chapter 4 of Power Tools for Technical Communication, the best way to write a comparison is to use the point-by-point approach. That means you must identify those points of comparison.

For one or more of the items below, do some research in general and specialized encyclopedias if necessary, identify points of comparison, enter those points of comparison in the box below, and then press E-mail description. (Avoid general points of comparison such as "features.")

  1. Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion:

  2. El Niño and La Niña:

  3. Operating systems—Red Hat Linux and Windows NT:

  4. Hydroponic garden and regular gardening:

  5. Cooking with gas; cooking with electricity:

  6. Propane-engines and gasoline engines:

  7. Lanes for high-occupancy vehicles; light rail public transportation:

  8. Planets—Earth and Venus:

  9. Antidepressants—Paxil and Prozac:

  10. Web browsers—Internet Explorer and Netscape:

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