Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Inventing Scenarios for Reports

As you know from Chapter 5 and 6 of Power Tools for Technical Communication, you sometimes have to invent realistic scenarios for report projects when you take a technical-writing course.

For one or more of the topics below, imagine that you are interested in writing something about that topic but must invent a realistic scenario in which some individual or organization out there s willing to pay you for a technical report relating to that topic. Who are those people; why do they need such information? Imagine a real or realistic scenario in which a report related to that topic might be written, describe that situation in the box below, and then press E-mail description.

  1. Solar-powered vehicles:

  2. Labor-saving tricks you know in a software application such as Lotus 123, Excel, Access, Word, or WorPerfect:

  3. Photovoltaic cells (solar devices that convert sunlight to electric energy):

  4. Terraforming on Mars (altering the Martian climate to enable human life there):

  5. Problem of ozone depletion:

  6. Hydroponic gardening ("dirtless" garden where nutrient-enhanced water bathes the roots of plants):

  7. Carpal tunnel syndrome (also known as repetitive-stress syndrome):

  8. Nuclear fusion (that other nuclear method of producing energy that has not been perfected yet):

  9. Current theory about the possibility of time travel (also known as superluminal motion):

  10. Organic gardening:

  11. Your own topic (describe it in the box below then explain the scenario there also):

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