Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Planning Descriptions

As you know from Chapter 1 of Power Tools for Technical Communication, an organized way to describe something is to divide it into parts or characteristics and then describe each one separately.

For one or more of the topics below, do a bit of research in encyclopedias, if necessary, and take notes. Then list the parts or characteristics you've identified in the input box, type your name, your instructor's e-mail address as well as your own (if required), and then press E-mail description.

  1. Common grasshopper:

  2. Belt (clothing):

  3. Dart (recreation):

  4. Mechanical pencil:

  5. Computer mouse:

  6. Baseball or golf ball:

  7. Microorganism:

  8. Padlock:

  9. Stapler:

  10. Solar system:

  11. Microscope:

  12. Blood (circulatory system):

  13. Solar device:

  14. Battery:

  15. Transmission (automobile):

  16. Leaf (plant):

  17. Pencil sharpener:

  18. Bicycle:

  19. Cigarette lighter:

  20. Earth's layers:

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