Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Chapter 11 Quiz

Using your best writing skills, enter your answers to the following questions for Chapter 11 in Power Tools for Technical Communication in the input boxes, and then press E-mail answers.

  1. Explain what illustrative graphic refers to and what it does not refer to, as the term is used in Chapter 11.

  2. Chapter 11 encourages you to use cross-references in relation to graphics. Explain how cross-references work and why they are useful.

  3. Explain which type of illustrative graphic provides the least amount of realistic, illustrative detail.

  4. When you copy all or part of what is displayed on a computer screen, what is it called?

  5. When you select a segment of an existing graphic, what is that action called?

  6. For illustrative graphics, where should you place the figure number and title?

  7. In this chapter, what are the words and phrases that identify the parts of a graphic called?

  8. When and how should you indicate the source of a graphic that you are using in a document?

  9. If you've sized and cropped a graphic, added identifying labels, included a figure number and title, and cited your source for that graphic, what else is there to do?

  10. Explain which areas you should place graphics in a document (beginning, middle, end, etc.).

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