Power Tools for Technical Communication: Labeling Graphics

In this lab you add labels to a graphic using your preferred word-processing or graphics software application, and then convert it to a GIF file for display on a web page.

The following screen shot illustrates one of the dialog boxes in an Oracle-based general ledger program. People create a "journal batch" that automatically submits their entries to the database. The screen shot with the labels you'll add shows how to do this task:

  1. Copy this image into a word-processing or graphics application of your choice. (See Chapter 11 of Power Tools for Technical Communication for help on any of the tasks in this lab.)

  2. Label the graphic below as follows:
    1. Position this label in the upper-left corner: 1. Create a batch name that is easily recognizable. Draw a line from this label to to the field label Batch.
    2. Below the preceding label, add 2. Select the period in which the journal entry will hit the General Ledger. Draw a line from this label to the field label Period.
    3. Just below the preceding label, add 3. Use a description for journal purposes. Draw a line from this label to the field label Description.
    4. Just below the preceding, add 4. Click here to enter the journal. Draw a line from this label to the Journals at the bottom of the graphic.

      Note: These labels should not have a visible box around them.

  3. Add the figure title Figure 3. Batch Header Screen below the graphic and center it.

  4. Use your software application to "group" all these elements into one image.

  5. Convert this graphic to a GIF (one of the file types that can be displayed on web pages). Copy or import the graphic you just created into a software application that can convert this graphic to a GIF file. Use that application's method (usually a Save As or an Export) to convert to GIF.

  6. Put your name, Labeling Graphics: Online, and the date on this document, and print it out for your instructor.

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