Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Chapter 7 Quiz

Using your best writing skills, enter your answers to the following questions for Chapter 7 in Power Tools for Technical Communication in the input boxes, and then press E-mail answers.

  1. Define the term heading as it used in Chapter 7.

  2. Explain what it means for one heading to be subordinate to another.

  3. Describe stacked headings as the term is used in this chapter.

  4. Describe lone headings as the term is used in this chapter.

  5. Explain what are task-oriented headings and which writing situations you'd use them in.

  6. What does it mean for headings to be parallel in phrasing? Provide an example.

  7. Imagine that you have the following situation: you have a chapter of a report that provides background on insects that can attack vegetable gardens in the Midwest. Create a heading that gives as complete an idea of that section as you can without becoming overly long.

  8. Explains what it means that headings can have different "levels."

  9. Describe the difference between items in an outline and headings in a corresponding text.

  10. Explain how you design headings so that they indicate different levels.

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