Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Create Web Pages with Frames

In this lab, you create a set of linked web pages that use frames. To be ready for this project, you need to have have studied Chapter 17 in Power Tools for Technical Communication and have done at least one other web-page formatting project:
  1. Using a simple text editor or web-page editor of your choice, create a simple web page like the one shown in Chapter 17 entitled My First Web Page. Between the <TITLE> and </TITLE> tags and between the <H1> and </H1> tags, substitute Favorite Planets.
  2. Go to The Nine Planets website, and select text and graphics for at least three planets in our solar system.
  3. Create a separate web page for each of the planets you want to include in your framed website: for example, mercury.html, mars.html, venus.html, and earth.html.
  4. For each web page on an individual planet, select text and one image from the website mentioned above. Format the material you select in some consistent way for each planet you select.
  5. Cite the source of your borrowed information on each page in which you use the borrowed information, using the guidelines in Chapter 21 of Power Tools for Technical Communication.
  6. Design the frameset page so that a TOC frame provides links to each of the pages for the individual planets and so that a reading frame displays the pages selected in the TOC frame. (See the example below.)
  7. Put your name and date on the frameset page, and show it to your instructor.

Information and programs provided by hcexres@prismnet.com.