Power Tools for Technical Communication

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See the bottom of this page for additional resources and chapters that were taken out of the print version of Power Tools for Technical Communication by David A. McMurrey published by Heinle in 2001 (ISBN 0155068989).

Part 1: Project Tools for Technical Writers
  1. Description: short reports, product specifications
  2. Process: instruction, policies & procedures
  3. Cause-effect: primary research reports
  4. Comparison: recommendation, feasibility, evaluation reports
  5. Definition and classification: technical background reports
  6. Persuasion: proposals, progress reports
Part 2: Document-Design Tools
  1. Headings
  2. Lists
  3. Notices
  4. Tables, graphs, charts
  5. Illustrative graphics
  6. Highlighting
Part 3: Document-Delivery Tools
  1. Business communications: inquiry, complaint, adjustment communications
  2. Resumes & application letters
  3. Report format: design, format, abstracts
  4. Oral reports
  5. Web pages: hypertext and HTML
Part 4: Tools for Project Development
  1. Reviewing and revising
  2. Audience and task analysis
  3. Finding Information: print, Internet, informal sources
  4. Citing sources of borrowed information
  5. Managing team projects
Part 5: Writing Tools: Mechanics & Style
  1. Abbreviations, symbols, and numbers
  2. Punctuation
  3. Grammar favorites

Supplementary Resources

Supplementary Chapters & Examples

The following examples and chapters were taken out of the print version of Power Tools:

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