Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Formatting Resumes

In this lab, you select, organize, and format one or more resumes:
  1. Copy the unformatted text of one of the resumes below, and paste it into your preferred word-processing software.

  2. Select and organize the information (you may not need all of the text provided).

    Use your own name, street address, city, state, country, zip code, phone numbers, e-mail address, and other such information.

  3. Put your name, Resume Formatting, and the date on this document, and either print it out or show it on screen to your instructor, or send it be e-mail attachment to your instructor.

Resume 1: General Employment

Experience: Aug. 1998-Present, volunteered twice weekly to read stories aloud to children at Camel Crossing Elementary School. Responsible for choosing suitable stories. Aug. 1998-Present, tutored a seventh grade student in Composition and Algebra in connection with Calvert School of Baltimore, Maryland. Responsible for motivating and encouraging the student to work, while making the subjects understandable and interesting. April 1998-Present: gave piano lessons to eight children, ranging from the ages of five to eleven. Responsible for designing challenging, manageable, and enjoyable lessons appropriate for the various ages of the children. 1998: had a poem and a short story published in Cricket and Spider magazines. 1992-1997: baby-sat for two children on a weekly basis.

Education: 1997, graduated from Sunny Point Academy with a 4.51 grade point average out of a 4-point system. 1998-Present, attending Austin Community College and working toward an Associate's Degree in Communications. Currently maintain a 4.0 grade point average out of a 4-point system.

Honors and Activities: 1997, highest honors graduate in high school class; 1997, won first place for poetry in the Young New Mexico Writers Awards; 1997, Member of the Austin Writers' League; Present, interested in reading, writing, photography, sewing, playing the piano, art, and travel.

References: will be furnished upon request.

Resume 2: Physical Therapy Aide

You want to indicate that your objective is to obtain a part-time position as a Physical Therapy Aide at the Brackenridge Hospital Wound Care Facility. My goal is in order to gain more knowledge and experience in this area and eventually earn my Master's Degree in Physical Therapy. Concerning your education, at the University of Texas at Austin (from Aug. 1995 to Dec. 1998), you have completed prerequisite courses for Master's Physical Therapy Programs (Includes courses in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Terminology); also you were enrolled at Austin Community College in summer 1997 as well as currently; you completed Physics I and currently enrolled in Physics II; you went to Garza High School (Aug. 1991 to May 1995) and are graduated in the Class of 1995 (El Paso, TX)

Concerning your work experience, you've been at Foley's Department Store from Apr. 1998 to present as a Sales Associate in various areas of the store. Your work here has included a heavy emphasis on sales and customer service. Previously, you worked at Christian Dior/Foley's Department Store (June 1997 to Oct. 1997) as a Sales Associate for Christian Dior cosmetics; your duties there included application and promotion of Dior products, with heavy emphasis on sales and customer service. From June 1996 to June 1997, you worked at Texas Commerce Bank as a Teller performing typical banking transactions and promoting other bank "products". Finally, you worked for the El Paso Independent School District during the summers of 1993, 1994, 1995 as a Science Repair Aide for the schools. Your duties included traveling to area schools to clean and repair microscopes and other laboratory equipment.

As a volunteer, you've worked at Brackenridge Hospital for 76 Hours; at St. David's McKenzie Spine Center, 45 Hours; and St. David's Aquatic Rehabilitation Classes, 35 Hours. You are a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honor Society, the Golden Key National Honor Society, and you are a University of Texas at Austin Honor Scholar (for students with 3.5 grade point average and above). You've been a member of U.T. Physical Therapy Organization for 3 years; and currently hold 3.65 grade point average at U.T. Austin and 4.0 at Austin Community College.

You will furnish references upon request.

Resume 3: Computer Information Management

Your employment objective is to obtain a position in the Computer Information Management Group, using your previous experience and education while affording opportunities to learn and progress.

At Motorola, from June 1995-Present, you've been a Software Technician I, responsible for user support and assisting the System Administrator, product flow development, problem solving, data retrieval, script writing and interfacing with other systems. From August 1994-1995, you were Probe Training Group Leader, responsible for two trainers, new hire staffing, probe equipment software and process specifications. From August 1984-1994, you were Probe Trainer/Process Control Operator, responsible for Operator, Engineer and Technician training, probe equipment software, new and current probe processing and equipment specifications, training manuals, operator certifications, and quarterly Preventative Maintenance on probe equipment. From August 1982-1984, you were Probe Operator, Wafer Inspector, and Pack and Label Operator. And finally from February 1980-1981, you were a Wafer Fabrication Operator.

Among your competencies, you believe you have communication skills because of your coordination of classes for training various levels of employees on machine setups and processes; because of your communication with all levels of manufacturing to exchange information, ideas, and to resolve problems; and because of your communication with external vendors on the introduction of new equipment, for example, when you provided wafer inspection training to assembly operators in Hong Kong. You also believe you have computer skills because of your experience with PC and Macintosh Software Applications. Pascal, C++ and VMS programming languages. And finally you've got leadership and team skills as evidenced by your Team Leader for your award-winning Total Customer Satisfaction Improvement Team and you work as Training Group Leader. As for education, you are currently attending Austin Community College for a CIS degree with 60 hours class credits and a GPA of 3.25. As for accomplishments, you became Motorolan of the Month for September 1993, received a Manufacturing Excellence Award for the development of Off-Line Ink process in 1994, and passed the Motorola TBATB test in 1995.

Resume 4: General Business Employment

From July 1997 to the present, you have worked at Progressive County Mutual as a scheduling analyst. You have been responsible for accurately forecasting incoming customer service call volumes utilizing scheduling software. You also develop staff models to determine call center staffing requirements as well monitor and analyze incoming call volume to determine trends and implement changes to staffing to accommodate fluctuating call volume. In addition, you perform daily analysis of call patterns and process updates to call models and manage scheduling desk employees and daily operations. From September 1995 to June 1997 you worked as computer supervisor at Healthcare Financial Resources where you eveloped accounts database, ensured proper and accurate entry of new accounts and removal of dated accounts from database, performed hardware and software related network maintainance, and oOversaw computer department employees.

From 1994 to the present, you have been attending Austin Community College, seeking dual degrees in Business Management and Marketing. As for technical skills, you are proficient in the use of the following software applications: TCS (Telecenter Systems) scheduling software, Lotus SmartSuite 1996, Microsoft Office 97, Windows 3.1/95/98, Novell Netware

References from former employers and instructors are available upon request.

Resume 5: Optician

Not ready yet.

Resume 6: In-Circuit Test Technician

Not ready yet.

Resume 7: Mortgage Banker

Not ready yet.

Resume 8: Integrated Circuit Mask Layout Designer

Your objective is to get a position as an Integrated Circuit Mask LayoutDesigner where you can employ my skills and training with Cadence design tools. As for your education, you attended Austin Community College, Austin, TX from 8/1996 5/1999 where you earned an Associate Degree in Engineering Design Graphics with a specialization in IC Layout. You also attended Capitol City Trade and Technical School, Austin, Texas. from 5/1988 8/1988 where you earned a Travel and Airline Degree.

As for academic awards you had a Texas Instruments Mask Layout Design Scholarship from 1/1998 12/1998 and you received an award for Outstanding Attendance, CCTTS in 8/1988.

As for work experience, you have been working at Solectron/Texas Instruments, Austin, Texas, from 10/1998 present, as a surface mount machine operator; you have been working in a team work environment, trouble shooting, training new operators and responsible for performing each task correctly. You worked for Internal Revenue Service, Austin, Texas, 1/1995 5/1996, as a Seasonal Remittance Perfection Clerk, where you sorted tax forms from tax players, data entry. At Best Gateway Travel, Austin, Texas, 1/1990 2/1991, you worked at Sales Representative, making reservations for and ticket sales to clients. Among your computer skills, you claim Cadence Virtuoso, Unix, AutoCAD R13, Windows 98 Introduction. Your reference are available upon request

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