Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Chapter 8 Quiz

Using your best writing skills, enter your answers to the following questions for Chapter 8 in Power Tools for Technical Communication in the input boxes, and then press E-mail answers.

  1. Define the term lists as it used in Chapter 8 of Power Tools.

  2. Explain the difference between using numbered lists as opposed to bulleted lists.

  3. Describe the difference between the in-sentence list and the simple list.

  4. Explain what should precede a list and how it should be punctuated.

  5. Explain what it means for lists to be parallel in phrasing; provide an example of list items that are not parallel in phrasing.

  6. State the guidelines in Chapter 8 for punctuating individual list items.

  7. Describe which type of list you would use for three important points in a summary of a report.

  8. Describe which type of list you would use for directions to the airport.

  9. Describe the nested list and the format it uses.

  10. Describe the labeled list and the format it uses.

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