Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Chapter 6 Quiz

Using your best writing skills, enter your answers to the following questions for Chapter 6 in Power Tools for Technical Communication in the input boxes, and then press E-mail answers.

  1. Define the term persuasion as it is used in Chapter 6.

  2. Explain which of the three appeals have a valid and legitimate role in persuasive efforts, which do not, and why.

  3. If some of the appeals are not valid or legitimate, explain why they are used in "real world" persuasive efforts.

  4. When you write persuasively, you can answer objections to your main argumentative point, showing how they are wrong or irrelevant. Explain what are Chapter 6's terms for the objections and the answers to those objections.

  5. If a tire salesperson refers to the record of trustworthiness and reliability of a certain tire manufacturer in an effort to get you to buy tires made by that manufacturer, which appeal is being used?

  6. If that same salesperson refers to recent accidents suffered by drivers using tires made by a competitor, which appeal is being used?

  7. Define proposal as the term is used in Chapter 6.

  8. Explain why a proposal is essentially a persuasive effort.

  9. Define progress report as the term is used in Chapter 6.

  10. Explain why a progress report is essentially a persuasive effort.

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