Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Proposal Formatting (Print)

In this lab, you add headings, lists, and illustrations to the unformatted text of a proposal:
  1. Copy the text below this box, and paste it into your preferred word-processing software.
  2. Study the unformatted text carefully, rearrange the paragraphs as necessary, add headings, and reformat text as numbered or bulleted lists as necessary.
  3. Using the business-letter format for the cover letter, address this proposal to Mr. David A. McMurrey, Chairman, Lakeway Township Zoning Board, Lakewood Municipal Building, 234 Second Street, Lakeway, Maryland, 05234. Using your name and the current date, indicate that you are Chief Consultant with Northeast Energy Consultants, Inc., 1122 Centerpoint Ave., Albany, NY 01123.
  4. Use a standard report format for the actual proposal: center the title; use second- and third-level headings; use bulleted and numbered lists as well as tables as necessary. Create an appropriate title.
  5. Put your name, Proposal Format, and the date on this document, and print it out for your instructor.

For the cover letter:

Thank you for contacting me for a proposal to detail the effects of electromagnetic fields on our environment for the zoning board members. I appreciate the pressure you are under from both the electric company and the community council. It certainly is a weighty issue. The enclosed proposal contains my understanding of your need for the report, a description of the report, and an outline. As is customary, I have indicated my qualifications for completing the research, a time frame, and the cost for the report. Please do not hesitate to contact me to revise the proposal so that the completed report will meet your needs. I look forward to working with you again.

For the actual proposal

The following is a proposal to document electromagnetic fields occurring in society and the medical issues involving exposure to electromagnetic fields. After the recent Township Zoning Committee meeting, you indicated to me the need for the committee members to have a full understanding of electromagnetic fields before they can vote on the proposed electric company's power-line expansion. Having furnished the zoning board with reports in the past, I am confident that I can adequately document the information the zoning board requires on electromagnetic fields. This proposal provides a description of the report along with an outline, list of information sources, schedule for completion, my qualifications, and the cost of preparing the report. No recommendations will be made in the report; the committee members are free to draw their own conclusions based on their knowledge and the electric company's preliminary expansion reports.

The report will be a technical background of electromagnetic fields. The following topics are covered in the report: fundamentals of energy; how the electric-utility system works; where the exposures are at home, at work, and in nature; how electromagnetic fields affect our bodies. The report will be structured with the assumption that the members of the zoning board have no prior understanding of electromagnetic fields or of medical issues concerning exposure to electromagnetic fields. The report will supply the board members with the knowledge they require to make educated and informed decisions with respect to the power-line expansion. I have estimated the report to be 15 20 pages long with black text, and illustrations; it will be delivered in bound-edge format.

Report outline:

Introduction. Fundamentals of energy with subsections on how to read the electromagnetic spectrum; emfs, what they are; measurements and terms. How the electric-utility system works with subsections on transmission system and distribution system. Where electromagnetic fields exist with subsections on naturally occurring magnetic fields and EMFs at home. Human electrical system with subsections for description and medical studies. Electromagnetic environment with subsections concerning how close is too close and what is a safe level?

I have been documenting health and medical issues for Worldwide Documentation, Inc., for the past 7 years. I have furnished the Lakewood Township Zoning Board with five reports in the last two years and am confident that I can produce the documentation needed to satisfy your requirements. As for the key dates of the project, on January 14, we begin research for report; on January 20, research complete; begin draft; on January 25, draft complete, add graphs and tables; January 27, final copy delivered for approval; on February 1, peport delivered to zoning board members. I have estimated the report to take approximately 100 hours to complete. My hourly rate is $45 an hour, bringing the total cost of my services to $4,500.00. The costs of printing and binding the report are not included; I expect them to be minimal given the limited number of copies to be distributed.

I will be using the following information sources and others as my work progresses: Levitt, B. Blake. Electromagnetic Fields. Florida: Harcourt Brace, 1995. Moulder, John E., Ph.D. Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health. Medical College of Wisconsin. Updated December, 2001. [no author cited]. Magnetic Field Exposure and Cancer Studies. National Cancer Institute. May, 1999. [no author cited]. EMFs in the Workplace. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. December, 2000. [no author cited]. Electric and Magnetic Fields Associated with the Use of Electric Power. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. October, 1999.

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