Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Inventing Scenarios for Proposals

As you know from Chapter 6 of Power Tools for Technical Communication, technical documents are often produced at the request of an individual or organization. That individual or organization sends out a request for proposals (RFP) or contacts someone directly for this work to be done. Unless you have a clever technical-writing teacher who can fabricate RFPs, you have to invent scenarios yourself. Try doing that fabrication yourself on one or more the following situations.

For one or more of the topics below, imagine that you are interested in writing something about that topic but must invent a realistic scenario in which some individual or organization out there has issued a request for proposals relating to that topic. Who are those people; why do they need such information? Imagine a real or realistic scenario in which a proposal related to that topic might be written, describe that situation in the box below, and then press E-mail description.

  1. Photovoltaic cells (solar devices that convert sunlight to electric energy):

  2. Terraforming on Mars (altering the Martian climate to enable human life there):

  3. Hydroponic gardening ("dirtless" garden where nutrient-enhanced water bathes the roots of plants):

  4. Labor-saving tricks you know in a software application such as Lotus 123, Excel, Access, Word, or WorPerfect:

  5. Carpal tunnel syndrome (also known as repetitive-stress syndrome):

  6. Current theory about the possibility of time travel (also known as superluminal motion):

  7. Problem of ozone depletion:

  8. Solar-powered vehicles:

  9. Nuclear fusion (that other nuclear method of producing energy that has not been perfected yet):

  10. Organic gardening:

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