Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Instructions Formatting 2

In this lab, you add headings, lists, and illustrations to the unformatted text of a set of instructions:
  1. Copy the text below this box, and paste it into your preferred word-processing software.
  2. Study the unformatted text carefully, rearrange the paragraphs as necessary, add headings, and reformat text as numbered or bulleted lists as necessary.
  3. Copy the graphics for this text (below the unformatted text). Insert those graphics where they belong in the text, and add labels, figure titles, and cross-references.
  4. For the title, use "A Beginner's Guide to Using Easy CD Creator."
  5. Put your name, Instructions, and the date on this document, and print it out for your instructor.

These instructions are for using Roxio Easy CD Creator for Windows XP. They cover everything you need to copy a complete music CD to another CD using a single CD player that is also a CD burner. The instructions include: (1) selecting the tracks, (2) copying the music from the CD, (3) copying the music back to a blank CD, and (4) checking to make sure all tracks were copied.

Easy CD Creator is for anyone familiar with computers. You will need to know the basic of mouse operations, the function of a CD player, menus, windows, dialogue boxes, and toolbars.

To use Easy CD Creator, you will need the following: IMB PC-compatible computer running Windows XP; CD player and burner; Blank CDs.

Copying a CD using Easy CD Creator is a series of simple steps. Read the following steps carefully and you will have your own copied CD in a matter of minutes. To select the program, click on the Start menu at the bottom left of your computer. The following screen will appear. [figure 1 here] Select Easy CD Creator on the left side of the screen. (If Easy CD Creator does not appear in the Start menu, go to All Programs and select it from there.)Wait for the program to boot.Insert the music CD to be copied into the CD player/burner and wait for the program to load the CD.

To select the tracks, do the following. Once the CD player/burner has loaded the CD, the following screen will appear. [figure 2 here] Check the Select source files window and make certain the correct CD drive is visible. Select Track 1 inside the first Track Title box. Hold down the Shift key. Scroll down the Track Title box and select the last track. Click on the Add button. Check the second Track Title box. All selected tracks will appear in this box. See example below. [figure 3 here] (View the bottom bar to make certain the correct number of tracks were added.)

To record the CD, with the screen above still displayed, click on the Record button. The following screen will appear. [figure 4 here] Check that the correct drive is visible in the Select CD-R Drive box. Select the Write Speed. Type in the number of copies desired. Click on the Copy to hard drive first box. (It is important to select this box. Failure to do so could possibly destroy the music CD.) Click the Start Recording button. The following screen will appear. [figure 5] (You will not need to do anything to this screen at this time. The copying process will take a few minutes, depending on the track sizes on the CD.)

To insert a blank CD, do the following. After the recording function is complete, the CD player/burner will automatically open and the following screen will appear. [figure 5 here] Remove the copied CD. Insert a blank CD. Click on the Retry button. The program will then copy the music onto the blank CD.

To finalize the CD, do the following. Once the copying process is complete, the following screen will appear. [figure 6 here] Click on the Finalize button. (If you do not choose to finalize the CD, you will not be able to play the CD in any stereo. Make certain you finalize the CD if you wish to end the copying process.)

Checking the finalized CD. After the finalization process is complete, the following screen will appear. [figure 7 here] Check that the Progress bar and the Disc Progress bar are 100% complete. Check the table in the lower right corner of the screen. Make certain that the number of total tracks matches the total written tracks. Click on the OK button.The main Easy CD Creator screen will appear. If you wish to copy another CD, simply insert a music CD and repeat the steps.

Information and programs provided by hcexres@prismnet.com.