Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Planning Process Explanations

As you know from Chapter 2 of Power Tools for Technical Communication, a process is natural, mechanical, or human-conrolled events that can occur repeatedly. To explain process, you break the event into a sequence of steps, stages, or phases.

For one or more of the topics below, do a bit of research in encyclopedias, if necessary, and take notes on steps. Then divide the process into a sequence of events, stages, steps, or phases, enter them into the input box, type your name, your instructor's e-mail address as well as your own (if required), and then press E-mail description.

  1. Photosynthesis:

  2. Water cycle:

  3. Nuclear fission:

  4. Greenhouse effect:

  5. Cardiac cycle:

  6. Hurricane formation:

  7. Earthquakes:

  8. Combustion-engine cycle:

  9. Embryo development:

  10. Fermentation:

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