Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Policies and Procedures—Planning Guide

Use this planning guide to define the key details for your policies and procedures. When you are through, you can e-mail this planning information to yourself, your instructor, or both.
  1. Find a situation or organization needing policies and procedures. Describe that project in the input box below:

  2. Identify the general policies the organization needs. Describe the general policies you'll need to discuss in the input box below:

  3. Identify the technical policies the organization needs. In the input box below, describe the technical policies you'll need to discuss:

  4. State the purpose for each policy. In the input box below, state the purpose of each policy—provide a justification or reason for each:

  5. Sketch the procedures for each policy, as needed. In the input box below, -draft the steps to carry out each of the policies in this project

  6. Plan the definitions section. In the input box below, list the key terms you'll need to define in these policies and procedures:

  7. Plan and develop graphics. List and describe the graphics you would need in your policies and procedures in the input box below:

  8. Sketch the headings you'll use. List the headings you would use in these policies and procedures and briefly describe the contents of those sections:

  9. Plan an introduction. In the input box below, try rough-drafting an introduction in which you indicate the topic and purpose and provide an overview of the rest of the policies and procedures:

  10. Consider adding a conclusion. Take a look at the ideas for conclusions in Chapter 2 of Power Tools for Technical Communication and sketch your ideas for your own in the input box below:

  11. Consider the format. In the input box below, describe the format you'll use for your policies and procedures:

  12. Review and revise your rough draft. When you've written the rough draft of your policies and procedures and reviewed it, use the input box below to describe the problems you find:

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