Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Chapter 2 Quiz

Using your best writing skills, enter your answers to the following questions for Chapter 2 in Power Tools for Technical Communication in the input boxes, and then press E-mail answers.

  1. Define process as the term is used in Chapter 2 of Power Tools.

  2. Describe the organizational approach recommended for explaining a process.

  3. Explain the difference between process explanations and instructions as presented in Chapter 2.

  4. Define the term task as it is used in Chapter 2, and provide several examples.

  5. Define the term notices as it is used in this chapter, and provide several examples.

  6. Explain several reasons why you must worry about terminology when you write instructions.

  7. What is the recommended format for a step-by-step procedure that must be performed in a required order?

  8. Explain the difference between a policy and a procedure.

  9. Explain the difference between general policies and technical policies.

  10. Make topic list for a process explanation or a set of instructions.

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