Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Reviewing & Revising

In these two labs, you first do a full, three-pass review of a document and write a summary report to the writer, summarizing your findings; then you revise that document based on your review.


Here are the directions for the review:

  1. The following links take you to documents that you can do a full review (all three "passes") as described in Chapter 18 of Power Tools for Technical Communication. Select one of these documents:

  2. Once you have reviewed a document, write a summary report using the one in Chapter 22 of Power Tools for Technical Communication as a model:

    • Use a memo format; address the memo to the writer.
    • Use headings to block off each of the areas of your review comments.
    • Provide examples as necessary.
    • Recommend changes rather than merely pointing out problems.
    • Find something good to say about the document—and exercise your tactfulness in telling the writer about the problems.

  3. Make sure that your name is in the From: slot on the memo, and print it out for your instructor.


Here are the directions for the revision:

  1. Copy the text of the document you reviewed into your preferred word-processing software.
  2. Revise the document carefully in terms of the review you just performed.
  3. On a cover page to this revised document, put your name, Document Revision, and the date, and print it out for your instructor.

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