Power Tools for Technical Communication:
Chapter 22óManaging Team Projects

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  1. Explain why teams are emphasized in college courses—in particular, in technical writing courses.

  2. Explain the role played by style guides in writing projects done by teams.

  3. Describe the prototype as it is used by writing teams, and explain how it is used.

  4. In team-based technical writing projects, how are the documents' technical accuracy and completeness ensured?

  5. Explain a good way to resolve a situation in which one team member simply does not do her or his agreed-upon share of the work.

  6. Describe the methods that Chapter 22 suggests for avoiding problems in which certain team members end up doing too much or too little work.

  7. Describe what Chapter 22 recommends to ensure that team members' initial drafts use similar wording, capitalization, punctuation, highlighting, abbreviations, acronyms, spelling, and other such mechanics.

  8. Describe the method that Chapter 22 recommends for ensuring that the overall format of team members' initial drafts is as similar as possible—for example, page size, margins, tables, bulleted and numbered lists, and so on.

  9. Explain the most important reason for getting the team together after the project is over.

  10. Discuss why is teamwork necessary in the modern workplace.

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