Revising Weak Expletives

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Rewrite each of the following sentences to eliminate weak expletives (more than one expletive may be in each sentence). To review, see this discussion of weak expletives (opens in a separate browser window).

  1. According to Heraclitus, it is fact that everything is in a state of change and war and that strife between opposites is the eternal condition of the universe.
  2. There is little doubt that Heraclitus's conception of reality as a process, an ever-changing flux, stands in stark contrast to the subsequent development of metaphysics emanating from Aristotle.
  3. It is significant that Parmenides that highlighted the intricacies and logical complications inherent in notions of existence and the relationship between language, thought and reality.
  4. To assist in devising an effective control program to reduce ozone levels, there are two basic questions that need to be answered: what are the sources of the ozone, and what are the most cost-effective controls for these sources?
  5. I recommend that you might take a look at the computer and see whether there needs to be a recall of this particular model.
  6. It is apparently the case that Zeno.s argument shows that space cannot consist of an infinite series of points.
  7. Socrates lived through times where there was great political upheaval in Athens, a city that would eventually make him a scapegoat for its troubles and ultimately demand is life.
  8. It is Thales, probably born somewhere around 620 BC, who is mainly remembered as the presocratic philosopher who claimed that it is water that is the fundamental nature of the world.
  9. However, it is his method and not so much what it is that he said, that makes him significant as a philosopher.
  10. It was Thales who was the first thinker to try to account for the nature of the world without there being any appeal to the wills and whims of anthropomorphic, Homerian gods.


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