Pompous Word Choice

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Revise each of the following sentences to eliminate pompous word choice. To review, see this discussion of pompous word choice (opens in a separate browser window).

  1. The temerity with which the executive enacted multifarious measures aimed at mollifying employee sentiments and quelling invidious employee rebellion was redulant of cyncism.
  2. His supercilious animadversions struck his supervisor as meretricious at best.
  3. The propinquity of the requisite fiduciary requirements is quite incommodious, to say the least.
  4. In its recent hebdomary meeting, the committee relinquished its control over the increasingly inchoate project.
  5. The somnolent characteristics of your peroration mollified the antagonistic predilections of many in attendance.
  6. The more sententious members of the committee prognosticated that the tendentious aspects of the bill would excoriated by the plenary session.
  7. The recruitment committee found the candidate to be obsequious in his voluble efforts to acquire employment.
  8. We applaud the committee in its sedulous investigation of the more recondite areas of the investigation.
  9. These tangential issues serve only to obfuscate the nascent oligarchism of this initiative.
  10. The celerity with which these superannuated statutes were dispatched was quite efficacious.


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