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111 White Horse Lane
8 October 1994

Director of Consumer Relations
One Microwave Plaza
Miami, TX 75249

Dear Director:

I am writing you concerning the purchase and subsequent return of a Waveport 5000 I made on 10 August 1994 in the amount of $225.

On 10 August 1994, I purchased a Waveport 5000 from your company in the amount of $225. This price included a two-day delivery and a 60-day money-back trial offer. The $225 was immediately charged to my Ritz card. However, this product did not perform satisfactorily, and on 15 August, I decided to return the Waveport 5000 to your company. When I spoke to one of your company's representatives by phone, I was informed that the shipping and handling charges, as well as the price of the Waveport 5000, would be credited to my account. I shipped the item by UPX and was notified 19 August of its receipt. Today, October 7, I received a statement for my Ritz card. But as of today, no credit has been applied to my account for either the Waveport 5000 or the shipping and handling charges.

If the Waveport 5000 was charged to my account immediately when I ordered it, I fail to understand why the same promptness was not used in crediting my account immediately upon receipt of the returned item. I rightfully deserve a refund to any and all finance charges that may be applied during this time period.

Your company's quick-detection products have greatly helped me in the past, and I would like nothing more than a quick solution for my problem so that I may be a customer of yours in the future.


John A. Somebody