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Nancy Aletho
P.O. Box 2572
Austin, TX 78720
November 19, 19XX

Ms. Suzanna Maywine
Marcella Brindisi Manager, Frailey's
1001 Airport Blvd.
Buda, TX 78700

Dear Ms. Maywine:

I am writing you concerning a problem that has arisen from the purchase of one of you cosmetic products on August 16, 1994 at the Frailey's Mainland Mall Store. The item is your Brindisi Ultra Sable Mascara priced at $64.95. The sales girl sold me this mascara, two shades of blush and a jar of Fango masque on this date.

The problem developed shortly after applying this mascara for the first time. Within one hour, my eyelids became puffy and red and began to itch. After two hours, my entire eye area was swollen and remained so for two days. No other cosmetic product had been applied to my eye area, and I feel sure that this mascara caused an allergic reaction for my skin. I have used various brands of mascara including Estee Lauder, Channel and Maybeline and have never experienced this sort of reaction before. My dermatologist advised not to use your Brindisi product again. I had purchased this new tube of mascara in preparation for a head shot which was scheduled for the day on which I first used your product. I was unable to keep this appointment for which I had paid a nonrefundable deposit of $150.00. I also incurred a dermatologist fee of $95.00. Copies of receipts for these services and the mascara purchase are included in this letter.

I would appreciate being compensated in the amount of $319.95 immediately for the discomfort and trouble the use of your product has caused me. This sum is to reimburse me for the doctor's visit, for the $150.00 photographer's fee, and for the purchase price of the mascara.

I have used many of your products in the past without any problems and hope to continue a positive relationship with your company and its products in the future.


Nancy Natho

Encl: Receipts: Foley's, $64.95
Dr. Gary Zelazney, $95.00,
Rick Patrick, photography, $150.00
Photograph of swollen eyes