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The following are links to the examples and models of the kinds reports, letters, and other documents discussed in this book. (Some of the items are excerpts.) True, many of these examples are as much as twenty years old. However, the point here is technical writing, format, organization, style—not up-to-date technology. Even so, why not write a technology update on blood glucose monitoring systems, voice recognition software, laptop computers, wind power systems? (And then send it to hcexres@prismnet.com—me.)


Veterinary assistant
LAN system administrator
Maintenance technician for high-tech systems
Science writer, editor, researcher
Computer service and sales representative
Case management nurse
Technical writing intern

Application letters

Technical writing intern
Science editorship
Database programmer
Quality assurance manager

Complaint Letters

Microwave problems
Printer problems
Cosmetics problems
Digital multimeter problems
Garden polymer sprayers

Adjustment Letter

Compensation for damaged freight
Archaeological bad news. True, this is not an answer to a direct complaint.

Inquiry Letters

Questions about blood glucose monitoring systems
Questions about hardware support for Red Hat Linux

Order Letter

Office equipment purchase


Employee Wellness Program
Proposal to Write the Operation and Maintenance Manual for the M-16A2 Rifle
Academic Proposal
Nursing Staff Handbook on Communication and Swallowing Disorders in the Elderly
Corporate Standards Manual
Student Guide for Solving Engineering Mechanics Problems

Progress Reports

Construction handbook for a mycological growroom (annotated PDF)
Database development
Debugging techniques with Scheme
Quartz etch rate project
Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation Therapy (TES) for children with cerebral palsy (annotated PDF)

Instructions, Policies & Procedures, Standard Operating Procedures

Using WS_FTP Pro for Windows
Beginner's Guide to Eudora Lite for Windows
Operating the Minolta Freedom 3 Camera
How to Raise Potatoes in the Home Garden
Instructions for a Simple Window Curtain
Hand-washing policies and procedures for health care personnel
Accounting policies and procedures
Standard operating procedures: pouring dental impressions. Thanks to Melissa Burke for making this SOP available.

User Guides

GIMP User Guide
Parallels User Guide

Recommendation & Feasibility Reports

Sport Utility Vehicles
Laptop Computers (annotated PDF)
Fire Ant Control
Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems
First Telescope Purchase
Voice Recognition Software

Formal Technical Reports (Annotated PDF)

DVD Technology and Applications
Cerebral Palsy and Its Treatments
Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Report on Light Water Nuclear Reactors


Film production
Avian flu

Primary Research Reports

Trout Spawning Cycles
Bats Roosting in Deciduous Leaf Litter

Technical Specifications

Design and Construction of a Single-Story Purple Martin Birdhouse
Specifications: (a) Metal Doors and Frames, (b) Cassette Deck

Oral-Report Scripts

Patient Seminar on Physical Therapy
Presentation on Automobile Airbags for Sales Representatives

Report and Section Introductions

Introductions to Brief Instructions
Introductions to Brief Reports
Report Introduction from a Report on Nuclear Reactors
Report Introduction from a Report on the Ames Municipal Solid Waste Recovery System
Section Introduction Occuring in a Report on Wire-Line Logging Technology


Rayovac Workhorse Flashlight
Mars Exploration Rover
Primitive Stone Scraper
Littman Stethoscope


Wind Electrical-Power Generators
Comparison of Nuclear Reactors


Industrial Robots
Types of Solar Water Heaters

Causal Discussion

Effects of a Nuclear Attack


Sickle Cell Anemia
Stratospheric Ozone Depletion and HVAC Refrigerants
Superconducting Quantum Interference Device

Process Discussion

Cardiac Cycle
Wind Turbine Power Generation


In Favor of Recycling
Opposed to Recycling