February 14, 19XX

Lindsay Office Products
P.O. Box 1879
Spokane, Washington  98989

Subject:  Furniture and equipment order

Please ship the following items from your sales catalog
dated January 31, 19XX:

        ITEM         CATALOG #      COLOR          QTY    PRICE

   Conference Desk   HN-33080-WB    Sandalwood      2     $478.60 ea.
   Credenza          HN-36887-WK    Sandalwood      2      431.40 ea.
   Executive Chair   HP-56563-SE    Toasted Tan     4      422.00 ea.
   File Cabinet      HN-5344C-K     Beige           2      135.90 ea.
   Letter Tray       K5-299907-A    Black           6       16.95 ea.

The items ordered above should be shipped C.O.D. to this address:

                        City of Austin
                         P.O. Box 96
                   Austin,  Texas 78767-0096

The costs above reflect a discount of 50/10, with net due in 30
days after the invoice date. The merchandised is to be shipped
by your company's own truck line at a rate of 7 percent of the
total net cost.

We are remodeling our offices and have a target completion date
of March 30, 19XX.  If there is any reason you see that you can
keep your part of this schedule, please let me know


Berenice Chamala
Supervisor, Clerical Services

BKC: amm

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