Eklektu 96

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What is Eklektu?

Eklektu is an artificial language constructed from elements of languages around the world, including Latin, Greek, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, English, Russian, Welsh, Hindi, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Swahili, Jirrbal, Cherokee, Quechua, and many others. Most of the vocabulary to this point has been derived from Indo-European languages, but the vocabulary is constantly undergoing changes, and I plan to eventually introduce more words from currently under-represented language families in Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America, and the islands of the Pacific Ocean. My goal is to have a definitive version, Eklektu 96, by the end of the year.

Why go to all this trouble to create a language that no one's going to use? Language creation is one of my hobbies, and I'm using Eklektu to organize my vocabularies and clarify the meanings of words. A given word in Eklektu is less ambiguous than English; there should be no words with multiple definitions such as English bank, swallow, or perch. But the ultimate reason may be that it gives me an excuse to learn about all kinds of different subjects and different languages of the world.

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