A Personal Language

(For best results, install the Jarda TrueType font, Lhoerr, to read examples written in Jarda. More information on the Jarda phonetic alphabet is on the Njoerr-Teg page.)


Jarda (also spelled Jarrda or Gjarrda in older documentation) began as a personal language in the late 1990s. Although intended for personal use, it was influenced by a Zireen language I was developing at the time, Jaradh. Spoken by the Jaraziyidh people of the planet Zaisa, Jaradh was intended to be one of the ancestors of the Kireethin language Zharranh. When I began to develop Tirelat, Jarda became for a time the language of a species of raccoon people, the Janarr. Since the Janarr were nocturnal, I developed a Braille-like writing system, Pênteg (Jarda for "bump-writing"), designed to be read in the dark. (A Pênteg font, Pintek, is available.) For a time, the Janarr language (Janarrtal) developed along a separate path from Jarda as a personal language (Kayatal). Years later, after I successfully adapted Tirelat to be a language spoken by Sangari, I decided to do the same for Jarda. This is the version of Jarda I used in the Conlang Relay 18 in 2010. As a Sangari language, Jarda is spoken in the land of Xjantô on the continent Imizdev.

Due to the convoluted history of Jarda, many of these pages are written using older versions of the language. I might eventually get around to updating them.

Jarda language lessons and notes

More to come

Watch this space for more information on the Jarda language as it becomes available.