Sexual vocabulary in Gjarrda
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Note: This portion of the Gjarrda language description contains descriptions of the sexual customs of fictional non-human aliens, which may offend some Humans. If you are easily offended, please leave now.

Sexuality in Gjarrda society

Compared with other languages spoken by Zireen, Gjarrda has a relatively small core vocabulary of words dealing with sexuality (gi2 gizh). Kianarthal, the linguistic ancestor of Gjarrda, was spoken mainly by the Gjanarr, three related species of raccoon-people, who aren't nearly as obsessed with sex as the Zireen. However, with extensive use of compound-formation and poetic metaphors, the Zireen speakers of Gjarrda enriched the language until it was capable of expressing even the most minute details of the intricate Zireen love life. This document only covers the basics of the Gjarrda sexual vocabulary.

Gjarrda society is composed of three major groups of people, encompassing a wide range of sexual biology and traditions. The variation among the Draconian fairies alone is quite extensive. However, the basic biological requirement of sexuality -- the need to combine genetic material from two adult beings to make a new being of the same species -- is the same for everyone, and the three groups have evolved remarkably similar solutions to the problem. Thus, much of the language originally spoken by the Gjanarr was easily adapted by analogy to fit the lives of the Draconian fairies and the Thirrians (Thrinn and Zireen), with a few borrowings from Fairy and Zireen languages to fill the gaps.

Sexual anatomy

As a general term, the external genitalia of all species are called zur zurr. This is just the Gjarrda word for "flower"; the custom of using the same word for the sexual organs of both plants and animals is derived from Draconian fairy tradition. The female opening of all species is called 2ir zjirr (corresponding to the English word "vulva"), which is also used to refer to the genital slits of male Thirrians and some Draconian fairies. This word is kept distinct from myr muerr, the word for the single vagina of female Gjanarr and the corresponding structure in some Draconian fairies. Other Draconian fairies, and Thirrians in general, have a branched structure, with one vagina (le$myr leithlmuerr) leading to a sperm receptacle and the other (vadmyr vadmuerr) coming from the womb. In the species that have two external openings, such as butterfly-sprites, the one used for mating is called the tivlem tivleim (copulation-opening) and the other one is called the vadlem vadleim (birth-opening).

Most species have a structure corresponding to the penis of the male Gjanarr, which is called rov rrouv, but some Draconian fairies transfer sperm packets enclosed in a small capsule or "seed" (zic zikj) directly from their genital slits into the female opening. The clitoris of those species that have one is called a rovid rrouvid, the diminutive form of "penis". The baculum of male Gjanarr and some fairies is sensibly called the rovzEn rrouvzen ("penis bone"). A common slang word for the baculum is tivskeJ tivskeikj, or "copulation key", since the baculum is best suited to fit the "lock" of the proper species. The gonads of both males and females are called 2im zjim. The few species that have a scrotum call it a ja5la yasjla.

Mating and other sexual acts

The most general word for sex, referring to any contact between the genitals of two or more adults, is nir nirr. This includes anything from mating to "penis fencing" (rovnirad rrouvnirrad). Stimulating someone's genitals with another part of the body is called 5iR sjir instead of nir nirr. For instance, oral sex would be described as Jul5iR gjulsjir, and masturbation as kiR5iR kirsjir. Any sexual act that includes inserting a male's penis (or a sperm packet) into a female's copulation-opening is called tiv tiv (translated into English as "copulation" or "mating"). More specifically, mating for the purpose of producing offspring is called 2er zjeirr ("breeding"). These words are very specific in meaning and not interchangeable. They are not considered either more technical or more shocking than the English word "kiss". However, there are also numerous slang equivalents, and words for expressing even finer gradations of meaning, which are beyond the scope of this document.

The goal of many sexual acts is to achieve an orgasm, or $ir thlirr. Other sexual acts are intended to stop just short of an orgasm, prolonging the pre-orgasm state (ny5 nuesj) as long as possible. If breeding is the goal, the male ejaculates (raG rragh), releasing semen (le$ leithl) into the female. If successful, this results in a conception, or "life-joining" (v8zLam veozljam) and an eventual pregnancy (jaRaj yaray). On the other hand, Thrinn people often have sex with each other as a pure act of communication, with or without any intention of achieving an orgasm. When Thrinnyng mate, they can share thoughts and emotions directly through their connected nerve-endings, an event called "soul-touching" (LujJebad ljuygjeibad) in Gjarrda. Zireen also have this ability to a more limited extent.

Sexual inclination and practice

Having a sexual attraction to people of a particular sort (gender, species, hair color, etc.), regardless of whether one actually has had sex with them, is called lyv luev. This word may be used as a transitive verb (e.g., lyv narRa vylRa keRzeR luev narrya vuelra keirzeir "that raccoon-person is sexually attracted to centaurs") or as part of a compound (e.g., spOtlyv8l spotlueveol "one who is sexually attracted to others of the same sex; a homosexual person", vuzlyvad vuzluevad "unusual sexual attraction, fetish"). To express that someone actually does have sex with the kind of people they are attracted to, substitute the appropriate verb (nir nirr, 5iR sjir, or tiv tiv) in place of lyv luev. For example, a practicing heterosexual who actually copulates with people of the opposite sex is called a m0ktiv8l moektiveol.

Having sex with non-persons doesn't have the same stigma in Gjarrda society that it does among Humans. In particular, sex with specially-designed robots (kan5iRad kansjirad) is a widely accepted custom, although very few individuals actually prefer robots. Other practices, such as the Zireen custom of tuznirad tuznirrad (sexual contact with wild animals) are more controversial, but most Gjarrda speakers are at least tolerant of them, as long as everyone is an adult and no one is hurt or coerced into something they don't want to do. Rape (vaGnirad vaghnirrad) and sexually molesting children (w8dgi2nE5ad weodgizjnesjad) are two of the very small number of crimes that are harshly punished in Gjarrda society.


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