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Download the Kjaginic font to see the examples in the Tirëlat alphabet.


Tirëlat is a language with a complicated history. It began development as a personal language in the spring of 1999, and gradually became unstable as I experimented frequently with changes in the phonology and morphology. The fact that Tirëlat was developed entirely on the computer made these sorts of changes all too easy. In an attempt to keep the language from diverging too far, I created a stable version known as Czirehlat in December 2000. Although this ended up being a convenient reference for future revisions of Tirëlat, the language never stopped changing. At various times I've considered making it a fictional language spoken by people in the Azirian universe; most recently in 2004, when I decided that Tirëlat was spoken by Sangari (taller relatives of the Zireen). For years I set Tirëlat aside to work on Minza, and only went back to continue Tirëlat development in 2008. The current version of the language is based on a mix of features from different older versions. It is spoken by a population of Sangari in the kingdom of Tirëvor, in a mountainous region in the southeast of the continent Tavišantse.



(some in older versions of Tirëlat)