Sali jĕlaana

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Sali jĕlaana (Sali's song)

Translation of "Sally's Song" (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

My kwaŋa larvanez vë xeev.
I'm sensing something in the wind.

Njalaz fyvas fy larmamiv.
It seems like disaster at the fingertips.

Të ğa lĕšumodanan mii,
And though I might want to be loyal to him,

jĕžynukan lĕzirari.
my fear doesn't slip away.

Tal vusa kazu višiłiz.
I think the worst is coming near.

Lĕvan gi ži da, jĕšusazan jaa?
My feeling about him, does he notice that?

Të mlulizan pa tebi drežin ži?
And is he aware that he is so precious?

Jaa ježakan lalii.
Maybe he won't.

Sa łirizan gi niri tal?
What will happen to the dear one?

Kilan jĕrhira vë sa dzal?
In what direction does his action lead?

Ğa wazi ğuvinašağan
Although I really want to start belonging

maj žarh vë kjavi suul-palaan,
with the people in the enthusiastic dusk-cloud,

lĕdokinuj, jaa jedekan.
if I try, that doesn't endure.

Të nobu łirin pa raj łenivin?
And does it ever happen that yes, we're together?

Vaj, božałin, jaa njuŋi zavežan.
No, I think it's unlikely; that will never come to be.

Kavaal jaa tal tuukan.
Because "that one" I'm not.

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