Jĕmëriłan sy reev

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Jĕmëriłan sy reev (The world is round)

Translation of "Because" (The Beatles)

Ah! (lit. "That!")

Jĕmëriłan sy reev, kedzëvinen.
The world is round; it excites me.

Jĕmëriłan sy reev.
The world is round.


Jĕdinadez sy xeev, të zwidzinen.
The wind is strong, and I am bewildered.

Jĕdinadez sy xeev.
The wind is strong.

Jaa! Sy miraat noviden,
Ah! Love is old,

të ma ree žadanen.
and I have found you.

Jĕzariden sy riiva, ižanen.
The sky is blue; I cry.

Jĕzariden sy riiva.
The sky is blue.

Jaa! Jaa! Jaa! Jaa!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

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