Eklektu: An Introduction

eklektu wa, intro a

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This is a preliminary introduction to Eklektu, an artificial language with vocabulary derived from many languages around the world. The contents of the vocabulary and the details of the grammar are still in a state of development.

Pronunciation and spelling:

letter  approximate English equivalent
   a    AA as in "AArdvark"
   b    B as in "Bat"
   c    SH as in "SHark"
   d    D as in "Dog"
   e    E as in "Elephant"
   f    F as in "Finch"
   g    G as in "Gorilla"
   h    H as in "Horse"
   i    EE as in "dEEr"
   j    Z as in "aZure-winged magpie"
   k    K as in "sKunk"
   l    L as in "Leopard"
   m    M as in "Mouse"
   n    N as in "Nighthawk"
   o    OA as in "bOAr"
   p    P as in "sPider"
   q    reserved
   r    R as in "Rabbit"
   s    S as in "Snake"
   t    T as in "sTingray"
   u    OO as in "rOOk"
   v    V as in "Vulture"
   w    W as in "Wallaby"
   x    reserved
   y    Y as in "Yak"
   z    Z as in "Zebra"

When two identical vowels come together, a glottal stop should be inserted to separate them. Glottal stops and unstressed schwas may be inserted in other places to ease the pronunciation; they are ignored.


The core vocabulary of Eklektu consists of two types of roots: main roots and auxiliary roots. Main roots include the majority of the vocabulary. They can be used as nouns, and some of them also as verbs. For example, kur means "the act of running" as well as "to run". Auxiliary roots include prepositions and suffixes, which modify the meaning of the main roots and describe their function in the phrase or sentence. There is a fixed supply of auxiliary roots, but the main roots are potentially unlimited.

The simplest Eklektu sentences consist of nouns or noun phrases. Kan. "Dog." Bon tenki. "Nice weather." The important thing to realize is that these are not clipped sentences. Eklektu sentences do not require a verb. The detailed definitions of the words, the context of the utterance, and the default assumptions of the language will supply the missing meaning. Kan means "Here is a dog" (or "Look at the dog", or possibly "Beware of the dog"). Bon tenki in context might mean "It is my opinion that the weather today is significantly better than average for Austin in July."

Alert readers may wonder about bon in bon tenki; it appears to be an adjective. However, bon is a noun which means "the quality or state of being significantly better than average". When two nouns in Eklektu are strung together, the first one is implicitly converted into an adjective modifying the second one: ya kan "my dog". If more than two nouns are strung together, the first modifies the remaining phrase: ya gra kan my gray dog. More complex noun phrases are discussed below.

Besides implicit adjectives, a noun may be modified by a prepositional phrase following the noun: kan a gra pel "a dog with gray fur". In Eklektu, many prepositions can also be used as suffixes to explicitly make nouns into adjectives: pel "fur", pel-a "furry". What's more, you can make it back into a noun by adding -n: pel-an "someone or something that is furry". A noun phrase can be combined into a single word: gra-pel "gray fur". So another way to write kan a gra pel is grapela kan, or even grapelkan. But the compound word is often used for a specific meaning: mel-orn "blackbird" (Turdus merula) vs. mel(a) orn "black bird" (any bird that is black). Similarly, an orn a rot(a) kril could be a Redwing (rotkrila drost, Turdus iliacus) or a Red-winged Blackbird (rotkrila ikter, Agelaius phoeniceus), but a rot-kril-an is defined as a rotkrila drost, Turdus iliacus. (Hyphens are used in the dictionary to delimit the individual roots, but not ordinarily in writing.)

In order to generate complex noun phrases, such as "my sister's gray dog", you can use a preposition such as de "of": gra kan de ya sestra, or alternatively, ya sestrade gra kan. Another way to translate "my sister's gray dog" is to add a slight pause, written with an apostrophe, between "my sister" and "gray dog": ya sestra' gra kan. To interpret complex combinations of -de suffixes and pauses, begin with the -de closest to the final noun, convert the preceding part of the phrase into a prepositional phrase beginning with de, and put it after the noun. Repeat until all -de suffixes have been converted. Examples: ya sestrade sinde kan = kan de ya sestrade sin = kan de sin de ya sestra "my sister's son's dog". ya sestrade sinde sini yan' kan = sini yan' kan de sin de ya sestra "my sister's son's blue-eyed dog".

Verbs are marked with a special type of auxiliary root, a verb marker. Verb markers may indicate tense (when the action happened), aspect (whether the action is ongoing or completed), or both. For example, leg means "to read"; na leg means "reading (present tense)", and le leg means "having read (perfective aspect)". Many verbs have an explicit subject (the one doing the action) and object (the one being acted upon). Some, such as "hit", may also have an instrument (a tool used to perform the action). Some, such as "shake hands", have two subjects. Others, such as "join", have two objects. Still others, such as "give", have three participants (the giver, the receiver, and the gift). To deal with all the different verb models, prepositions are used to mark the various participants in the action. The most frequently used of these are u (subject) and o (object). Thus, "I am reading a newspaper" is na leg u ya o cimbun. (Actually, if the u ya is implicit based on the context, it may be left out: na leg o cimbun). The normal word order in this construction is verb-subject-object, but these may be reversed for emphasis (na leg o cimbun u ya), or one of the noun phrases can be converted into an adjective and placed before the verb (na yau leg o cimbun, na cimbuno leg u ya).

An alternate construction follows the common subject-verb-object word order. The subject follows the verb marker and precedes the verb. In this case, the preposition on the subject (u) may be omitted. This order is often used for common verbs such as es "to be": ke mur es o gra = ke es u mur o gra "the mouse is gray". But since any word can be used as a verb, "the mouse is gray" can also be written more concisely as ke mur es gra. Note that in this construction the verb is the phrase es gra, not es by itself. But the es is still necessary for clarity; without it, ke mur gra might mean "it is gray like a mouse, mouse-gray". The subject-verb-object order should be used with care to avoid ambiguity.

Similar to prepositions, verb markers may be attached to the ends of verbs. In this case, the resulting adjective is a participle. In order to distinguish active participles from passive participles, the appropriate preposition is inserted between the verb root and the verb marker. Thus, the word for "reading (active, imperfective)" is leg+u+se = leguse, and the word for "read (passive, perfective)" is leg+o+le = legole. The participle can be modified just like a verb: cimbuno leguse / leguse o cimbun "reading a newspaper". This phrase can then be the object of the auxiliary lo "who, which, that": ku don a pom o hom lo leguse o cimbun "give an apple to the person reading the newspaper". (Or more briefly, poma ku don o cimbuno leguselo hom!)

Verb roots are a productive source of new words. For example, from leg you can derive both legul "reader" and legol "reading material". From graf (to write) you can derive graful "writer", grafol "writing (something written)", grafil "a tool for writing", and grafnil "something to write on". The general rule is to append any of the prepositions that mark the different participants in the action, followed by the suffix -l. (The -l is important; for instance, grafil is a tool for writing, but grafi is an adjective meaning "by means of writing").

Another transformation of a verb is the causative form. This form is made by appending in "to cause" to the verb. The subject of a causative verb is the same as the subject of the original verb; the person or thing that actually caused the action is identified with the preposition lu. For example, ke kan es kusi (ke es u kan o kusi) "the dog is happy" becomes ha yalu esin u kan o kusi (ha esin lu ya u kan o kusi) "I made the dog happy".

Besides prepositions and verb markers, there are two other kinds of auxiliaries: conjunctions and phrase markers. A conjunction precedes each of the words or phrases to be joined, e.g. na kur u et kan et kat "the dog and the cat are running", but the first one may be optional if it can be supplied from context: na kur u kan et kat. Besides et "and", Eklektu has two words for "or": au "exclusive or", "either/or", and eu "inclusive or", "and/or".

Phrase markers occur at the end of a phrase, and modify the meaning of the entire phrase. (Multiple phrases in a single sentence are separated by a pause, written as a comma.) For example, ka marks the phrase as a question. Nu marks it as the opinion of the speaker (or writer). Tu marks it as someone else's opinion. Si, on the other hand, marks the phrase as a definite, confirmed fact. Wa indicates that the current phrase is the topic of the next phrase. The contents of the topic (which may include previous phrases as well) may be substituted for the nonexistent object of a preposition: cimbun wa, na leg o is the same as na leg o cimbun. Vocabulary:

Eklektu words are almost all borrowed from various natural languages such as Greek (kardia "heart"), Latin (ov "egg"), English (flok "flock"), Japanese (sakura "cherry tree"), even less familiar languages such as Cherokee (kiyuga "chipmunk") and Jirrbal (gudjila "bandicoot"), though the exact meaning of the Eklektu word may not be the same as in the original language. All words undergo various phonetic and spelling changes when being borrowed.

Both personal and place names are marked with the definite article la (la Ceikspihr "Shakespeare", la Ostin "Austin"). The native name of a place should be used if known (la Espanya "Spain", not "la Spein"). In borrowing personal names, the family name always comes first.


It is customary for authors of artificial languages to provide a translation of "The Lord's Prayer". Here is the Eklektu equivalent, followed by a quotation from Thomas Huxley.

The Lord's Prayer in English (King James):

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

The Lord's Prayer in Eklektu:

O tya per ni la nebo, hu sakra u nom de va,

Hu lai u va regala, hu esen u va vil, ve ni nebo, kai ni la mond,

Tya jur hleba hu don o tya ni kojur,

Et hu pardon o tya e tya deballi, ve kai ha tya pardon o tya debulli,

Et ne hu duk o tya al iskuc, no hu liberin u tya van zloi.

Excerpt from "Agnosticism and Christianity" in English:

... it is wrong for a man to say that he is certain of the objective truth of any proposition unless he can produce evidence which logically justifies that certainty. This is what Agnosticism asserts; and, in my opinion, it is all that is essential to Agnosticism.

Excerpt from "Agnosticism and Christianity" in Eklektu:

... ke ros u homu cwo a ke tani zeker de objektiv ver de kelk propos, paitsi ven ke ta pu mont a evid lo lojik rezoninluke u so zeker. Ke ko es o lo gnoslestiu afirmake, et ke ko omni lo nujni tsu gnoslesti nu.

Vocabulary: Eklektu-English

a, -a	aux. with (in the sense "having")
acet	to buy
afirm	assertion; to assert, affirm
agas	to annoy, irritate
agro	field, land
akant	thorn, spine, prickle
aksil	armpit
akut	sharp, pointed
al	aux. to, up to, onto
ala	area, place, region, extent
alumin	aluminum
ambli	blunt
anci	hint
angel	angel
anki	near, close
anko	elbow
anon	anonymous
anvlop	envelope
aport	to bring
arakne	spider
arbait	work (labor)
ardvark	aardvark
argent	silver (metal)
arke	ancient
arm	poor
arneb	hare
arsenik	arsenic
asid	acid
asin	donkey, ass, burro
aspirin	aspirin, acetylsalicylic acid
aster	star
asteroid	asteroid
atmosfer	atmosphere
atom	atom
au	aux. exclusive or (either x or y, but not both)
auj	tip, point, end, extremity
aur	gold (metal)
aus	out of, out from
azbest	asbestos
bad	bath
bait	byte
bakter	bacterium
balah	date (fruit)
ban	ban
banan	banana
bank	bank (econ.)
barb	beard
bark	lightning
bat	bat (animal)
bato	boat
belka	squirrel
bemol	flat (mus.)
bereg	bank (geog.)
bet	beet
bin	bee
bint	bandage
blast	bud, sprout
blefar	eyelid
blink	blink; to blink
blu	blue
blum	flower
bog	god, deity
bol	pain, ache
bon	good, nice
bore	north
bork	bark (of tree)
bov	cow
bov-karn	beef
bradi	slow
braki	short
brav	brave
brik	brick
britva	razor
bronz	bronze
bros	brush
bulo	birch
cama	candle
capo	hat, cap
carf	scarf
cark	east
cayu	shark
cen	depth
ciju	to inhale
cimbun	newspaper
cir	poetry
cit	to sew
clem	helmet
cmuts	pej. smut (distasteful material)
cpigel	mirror
cpion	spy
crai	to shout, cry, scream, yell
cu	book
cukan	week
cum	noise
cuye	sap
cwo	to speak, talk, say, tell
da	big
daje	even (emphatic)
daktil	finger, toe
dalf	leak
dama	hemp
de	aux. of
deb	to owe
deb-al	debt
deb-ul	debtor, one who owes
deglut	to swallow
dek	ten
deka	deca-, 10^1
deks	right (hand)
deluj	flood
dendro	tree
desi	deci-, 10^-1
desi-bel	decibel
di	two
dies	sharp (mus.)
dilbi	plane-tree
dim	dim
djima	sesame
dju	bamboo
dolar	dollar
dolik	long
dom	home
don	an act of giving; to give
drapo	flag
drost	thrush (Turdinae)
duk	to lead
dum	to think
durak	fool
dut	doubt
dver	door
dwei	heap
dzijan	nature
e	aux. on, concerning, about
eker	acre
elektra	electricity
elf	elf
emet	to vomit
en	an act of becoming; to become
epu	spouse, husband, wife
es	an act of being; to be
esin	to cause to be, make
et	aux. and
etaj	floor, stor(e)y
eu	aux. inclusive or (x or y, or both x and y); "and/or"
evid	evidence
fa	aux. future tense verb marker
fal	fall; to fall
fan	fan (enthusiast)
fasil	easy
fe	fairy, sprite, pixie
fem	female
fem-epu	wife
fer	iron (Fe, element 26)
fertil	fertile
fet	fat
fev	bean
fi	aux. indirect reporting marker
fil	to love
filik	fern
fin	end (final)
flac	bottle
flag	whip
flec	arrow
fleg	to burn
flo	flea
flok	flock
fluorin	fluorine
fo	false
fob	fear
fon	sound (noise)
fonar	lantern
fos	pit (in the ground)
fosfor	phosphorus
fot	light (illumination)
frajil	fragile
frakt	to break
fraz	phrase
fren	ash (tree)
frer	brother
fud	food
fum	smoke
fur	for, in exchange for
fut	foot (12 inches)
fwa	faith
gacim	stupid
gam	marriage; to marry
gazal	gazelle
geld	money
genu	knee
giga	billion; giga-, 10^9
gik	geek
gimno	naked, exposed, nude
gli	glue, paste
gliba	lump
glik	sweet
glob	ball, sphere
glos	tongue
glut	buttock
gnos	knowledge (certain), gnosis
gnos-les	agnostic
gnos-les-ti	Agnosticism
golub	dove, pigeon
gorb	hump
gorod	city
gra	gray
grad	hail (stones)
graf	an act of writing; to write
gram	gram
granj	barn
grom	thunder
grub	rough
gruz	load
gudjila	bandicoot
gul	throat
gwei	ghost
ha	aux. past tense verb marker
habro	delicate
hai	sea
haipa	afraid
hak	right (legal)
heimai	rye
hekto	hecto-, 10^2
hel	light (shade of color)
heli	helium
helik	spiral
hepat	liver
hidrogen	hydrogen
hikui	low
hleb	bread
hom	human being, person (Homo)
hort	garden
hu	aux. let (it, he, she, etc.), may (it, he, she, etc.)
hulu	gourd
hwan	link
hwei	ash
i	aux. with, by means of, using as a tool or instrument
ikter	troupial, oriole, blackbird, grackle, etc. (Icterini)
imbir	ginger
in	to cause, make
insekt	insect
intc	inch
intro	introduction; to introduce
iodin	iodine
iris	iris (flower)
iskat	to seek
iskuc	temptation; to tempt
iskuc-il	temptation; something that is tempting
jarad	locust
jauzi	brown
jazar	carrot
je	aux. (emphasis)
jen	woman
jiz	beetle
jue	to play (game)
jur	day
just	right, correct, proper, just
ka	aux. question marker
kafur	eucalyptus
kahwi	coffee
kai	also, too
kajdi	every, each
kako	bad
kalci	calcium
kali	beautiful
kalik	covering, shell
kalk	lime (CaO)
kalt	cold
kalv	bald
kami	paper
kami-pli	origami
kan	dog, wolf, coyote, etc. (Canis)
kanyon	canyon
karb	charcoal
karbon	carbon
kardia	heart (organ)
karin	keel
karn	meat
karp	carp
kart	map
kav	hollow
ke	aux. generic verb marker
kel	claw
kelk	any, some
ki	which, what (question)
ki-raz	when, at which time (question)
ki-rezon	why (question)
ki-ta	who
ki-top	where
kilo	thousand; kilo-, 10^3
kin	chin
kinet	motion; to move
kinz	treasure
kis	sack
kit	whale
kiyuga	chipmunk
klad	branch, twig
klav	key
klept	to steal, rob
klon	clone
klor	green
klorin	chlorine
klots	log (wood)
ko	this
ko-jur	today
kobalt	cobalt
kon	cone
kondil	knuckle
koral	coral
korn	horn (of animal)
koron	crown
korv	crow (Corvus); crow, jay, magpie, etc. (Corvini)
krai	edge, rim
krania	skull, cranium
kraska	dye
kreta	chalk
krig	war
kril	wing
kristal	crystal
krolik	rabbit
krom	color
kron	time (period of time)
krov	blood
krugli	round
krus	cross
ksif	sword
ksilo	wood
ku	aux. imperative marker
kudeta	coup d'état
kupra	copper
kur	run, an act of running; to run
kusi	happy
kust	bush
kuton	cotton
kwadre	square
kwat	four
kwat-dek	forty
la	aux. definite article; the
la lun	the moon
la mond	the world, Earth
lab	game
laba	trumpet
labia	lip
ladon	palm (of hand)
lai	to come
lakt	milk
lakuna	gap
lamina	thin plate
lan	wool
lapid	stone, rock (material)
lapis	pencil
lard	bacon
larva	larva
las	to let, allow
laser	laser
lasif	lascivious
laska	weasel
laucu	rat
laula	to sing
laut	loud
lauz	almond
lav	to wash
le	aux. perfective aspect verb marker
leg	an act of reading; to read
leje	light (weight)
lekar	doctor
len	mild
lent	lens
les	aux. without
leto	summer
leuk	white
lev	left (hand)
li	many, much, a quantity of, some, plural
liber	free, at liberty
liber-in	to free, rescue, save
libra	pound (unit of weight)
lift	turnip
lig	to bind, tie
lisa	fox
list	leaf
liti	lithium
litso	face
lo	aux. which, that, who, what
lob	lobe
lof	ridge, crest
log	word
lojik	logic
lu	aux. by, caused by
lud	lewd
luk	onion
lun	moon, satellite
lus	to shine
luwei	reed
ma	aux. suitable as
mail	mile (5280 feet)
mais	corn (maize)
makro	large
mal	male
mal-epu	husband
malak	soft (not hard)
manga	comic book, manga
marj	meadow
mark	mark (currency)
mas	mass (quantity of matter)
maslo	butter
mat	mother
mau	cat
mazi	goat
media	middle
medved	bear (animal)
mega	million; mega-, 10^6
meili	beauty
mel	black
mel-orn	blackbird (Turdus merula)
men	month
menc	person
mensa	table
merd	excrement, dung, etc.
mes	mass (religious occasion)
mesto	room, space
met	meter (unit of measurement)
metro	subway
miceta	fungus, mushroom
mikro	micro-, 10^-6
mili	milli-, 10^-3
mim	mimic
mina	harbor
mini	miniature
mir	peace
mirmek	ant
mirt	myrtle
mnemo	memory
mocu	magic
mond	world, inhabited planet
mont	to show
mor	to die
mord	to bite
morf	shape
mors	walrus
most	bridge
mu	moo
muci	priest
muli	oyster
mur	mouse (Muridae)
mur-ven	mouse (computer accessory)
musk	fly (insect)
mwayen	average, mean
na	aux. present tense verb marker
nabi	prophet
nadel	needle, pin
nan	dwarf
nano	nano-, 10^-9
nar	fire
nat	birth; to be born
nau	sort, kind (of), type
naut	sailor
ne	aux. not
nebel	fog, haze
nebo	sky, heaven
nefra	kidney
nelk	pink (plant, flower)
nen	no (not yes)
neo	new
neon	neon
nerd	nerd
ni	aux. at, on, in
nid	down (dir.)
nikel	nickel (Ni, element 28)
nil	indigo
nimf	nymph
nitrogen	nitrogen
no	aux. but
nod	knot
noj	knife
nom	name
norka	mink
notc	night
nov	nine
nov-dek	ninety
novost	news
nu	aux. opinion marker (speaker's opinion)
nujni	necessary
nuk	nut
nul	zero
nuli	slave
nun	now
nyau	urine
o	aux. object marker
ob	dawn
objektiv	objective
oblak	cloud
obraz	image
okno	window
oksigen	oxygen
okt	eight
okt-dek	eighty
oliv	olive
om	ohm
omela	mistletoe
omfal	navel
omni	all, every
onik	nail, claw
onkel	uncle
orb	wheel, circle
orn	bird
osen	autumn
ov	egg
paitsi	aux. except, apart from
paitsi ven	unless
paki	thick
palm	palm (tree)
par	forgiveness
pardon	to forgive
park	park
parmi	aux. among
paund	pound (currency)
ped	child
pektin	comb
pektor	chest
pel	fur
pel-an	furry (anthropomorphic animal)
pend	to hang
pent	five
pent-dek	fifty
per	father
perd	to lose (no longer have), waste
pero	pen
petal	petal
petro	rock
piez	to press
pikai	to split
piko	pico-, 10^-12
pilau	fatigue
pin	fin
pink	pink (color)
pip	pipe (for smoking)
piramid	pyramid
pivo	beer
plan	flat, level
planc	board, plank, shelf
platin	platinum
pli	to fold
plod	fruit
plumbo	lead (Pb, element 82)
plur	plural
pod	foot (at end of leg)
pol	floor
poli	many, much
polis	police
pom	apple
porfavor	please
porfir	purple
port	to carry
post	aux. after
pot	to drink
potasi	potassium
pre	aux. before
presk	almost
prokt	anus
propos	proposition, proposal; to propose
prot	first
psike	spirit, soul, mind
psor	itch
pu	can, is able
punkt	point, dot, mote, speck
pupa	pupa
pupe	doll
pupil	pupil of eye
put	path, trail, way
pyu	more
rabi	rabbi
radar	radar
radi	radium
radio	radio
radon	radon
radost	joy
randevu	rendez-vous
rasti	to grow
rau	meow
ravni	equal
raz	time (point in time, occasion)
raz-ni	when, at a particular time or occasion when
razvit	to develop
re	back (direction)
rec	to solve
reg	king
reg-ala	kingdom
rek	wreck
reka	river
ren	wren (Troglodytidae)
ret	net, network
retro	backward(s), retrograde
rezon	reason (why)
rezon-in	to justify (provide reason for)
riba	fish
rid	to get rid of, do away with
rin	nose
rink	snout, beak, bill
ris	rice
rist	wrist
riz	root
robot	robot
rod	to gnaw
ros	wrong
rot	red
rot-kril-an	redwing (Turdus iliacus)
rovni	even (not uneven)
roz	rose
rubl	ruble
ruf	bark (of dog)
ruka	arm
sak	bag, sac(k), pouch
sakra	sacred, holy
saksofon	saxophone
sakura	cherry tree
sal	salt (NaCl)
sala	to pray
salut	health
sandwitc	sandwich
sap	soap
sark	flesh
saur	lizard
se	aux. imperfective aspect verb marker
sed	to sit
sefal	head
seks	six
seks-dek	sixty
sem	seed
semper	always
seno	hay
senti	centi-, 10^-2
sept	seven
sept-dek	seventy
servo	brain
sestra	sister
sfen	wedge
sfer	sphere, globe
sfiz	to throb, beat
si	aux. fact marker
sik	dry
sila	force
silik	flint
silikon	silicon
sin	son
sir	cheese
siroi	raw
skak	to skip
skand	to climb
skapul	shoulder
skel	leg
skelet	skeleton
ski	shadow
skler	hard, stiff, rigid
skot	darkness
skwam	scale (small overlapping plates)
slab	weak
slic	to hear
sliz	slime
snafu	snafu
sneg	snow
so	that
sok	juice
sol	sun
som	body
son	dream
sparja	asparagus
spat	to sleep
spir	to breathe
spong	sponge
spor	spore
sput	spit
stan	tin (Sn, element 50)
star	old
sto	(one) hundred
stom	mouth
sud	to judge
sukar	sugar
sulfur	sulfur
sup	soup
surd	deaf
ta	he, she, it, they, him, her, them
taki	quick, swift, fast, rapid
takil	heavy
taksi	taxi
tant	aunt
tapi	carpet
tatu	armadillo
tau	dew
tca	tea
tcas	hour
tciz	to say "cheese" (smile for a photograph)
tcoklat	chocolate
tcuj	strange
tele	far, distant, remote
telefon	telephone
tenki	weather
ter	land
tera	trillion; tera-, 10^12
teria	beast
ti	quality or state of being (e.g., liber "free", liberti "freedom, liberty")
tib	medicine
tihi	still, motionless
tik	to poke
tivi	television
to	it
toksik	poison, venom
tol	crazy, mad, wild
tom	to cut
ton	clay
top	place, region, spot
topol	poplar
trakt	to draw
trava	grass
trem	hole
tri	three
tri-dek	thirty
trik	hair
truba	pipe, tube
truv	to find
tsai	to guess
tsan	silkworm
tsel	goal
tsena	cost
tsu	to, for
tu	aux. opinion marker (someone else's opinion)
tum	garlic
turt	pie
tva	you and someone else
tya	we, us (exclusive)
u	aux. subject marker
uho	ear
un	one
ungu	hoof
usi	moustache
uva	grape
va	you
vag	wandering; to wander
vals	waltz
valv	valve
van	from
vaz	vase
ve	aux. like, as, similar to
veg	aux. off (away from)
velik	great
ven	if
ver	true
verm	worm
vesel	fun
vi	aux. direct reporting marker
vid	to see
vil	will
vin	wine
vir	man
vis	to know (have knowledge)
visok	high
viv	to live
vo	aux. in
voda	water
vol	to fly
volt	volt
volv	to roll
vopros	question
voron	raven
vos	voice
vosk	wax
vrag	enemy
vuk	wolf
vya	you and I, you and me; we, us (inclusive)
vyaz	elm
wa	aux. topic marker
wadi	valley
wasak	dirt
wat	watt
wen	to ask
west	west
wi	yes
ya	I, me
yan	eye
yar	year
yard	yard (3 feet)
yazik	language
yedji	pheasant
yel	fir
yest	to eat
yicu	art
yin	tone
yug	south
zaibak	mercury (Hg, element 80)
zakon	law
zakrit	to close, shut
zaliv	gulf
zbib	raisin
zeker	certainty; sure, certain
zig	yoke
zima	winter
zink	zinc
zloi	evil
zmeya	snake
znak	mark, sign, symbol
zon	zone
zontik	umbrella, parasol
zub	tooth

Vocabulary: English-Eklektu

aardvark	ardvark
able (to be)	pu
about	e
acid	asid
acre	eker
affirm (to)	afirm
afraid	haipa
after	post
agnostic	gnos-les
Agnosticism	gnos-les-ti
all	omni
allow (to)	las
almond	lauz
almost	presk
also	kai
aluminum	alumin
always	semper
among	parmi
ancient	arke
and	et
angel	angel
annoy (to)	agas
anonymous	anon
ant	mirmek
anus	prokt
any	kelk
apart from	paitsi
apple	pom
area	ala
arm	ruka
armadillo	tatu
armpit	aksil
arrow	flec
arsenic	arsenik
art	yicu
as	ve
asbestos	azbest
ash	hwei, fren
ask (to)	wen
asparagus	sparja
aspirin	aspirin
ass	asin
assert (to)	afirm
asteroid	asteroid
at	ni
atmosphere	atmosfer
atom	atom
aunt	tant
autumn	osen
average	mwayen
back (dir.)	re	
backward(s)	retro
bacon	lard
bacterium	bakter
bad	kako
bag	sak
bald	kalv
ball	glob
bamboo	dju
ban	ban
banana	banan
bandage	bint
bandicoot	gudjila
bank	bank, bereg
bark	bork, ruf
barn	granj
bat (animal)	bat
bath	bad
be (to)	es	
beak	rink
bean	fev
bear (animal)	medved
beard	barb
beast	teria
beat (to)	sfiz
beautiful	kali
beauty	meili
become (to)	en
bee	bin
beef	bov-karn
beer	pivo
beet	bet
beetle	jiz
before	pre	
big	da
bill (beak)	rink
billion	giga	
bind (to)	lig
birch	bulo
bird	orn
birth	nat
bite (to)	mord
black	mel
blackbird	ikter, mel-orn
blink (to)	blink
blood	krov
blue	blu
blunt	ambli
board	planc
boat	bato
body	som
book	cu
born (to be)	nat
bottle	flac
brain	servo
branch	klad
brave	brav
bread	hleb
break (to)	frakt
breathe (to)	spir
brick	brik
bridge	most
bring (to)	aport
bronze	bronz
brother	frer
brown	jauzi
brush	bros
bud	blast
burn (to)	fleg
burro	asin
bush	kust
but	no
butter	maslo	
buttock	glut
buy (to)	acet
by	lu
by means of	i
byte	bait
calcium	kalci
can	pu
candle	cama
canyon	kanyon
cap	capo
carbon	karbon
carp	karp
carpet	tapi
carrot	jazar
carry (to)	port
cat	mau
cause (to)	in
cause to be (to)	esin
caused by	lu
centi-, 10^-2	senti	
certain(ty)	zeker
chalk	kreta
charcoal	karb
cheese	sir
cherry tree	sakura
chest	pektor
child	ped
chin	kin
chipmunk	kiyuga
chlorine	klorin
chocolate	tcoklat
circle	orb
city	gorod
claw	kel, onik
clay	ton
climb (to)	skand
clone	klon
close (near)	anki
close (to)	zakrit
cloud	oblak
cobalt	kobalt
coffee	kahwi
cold	kalt
color	krom
comb	pektin
come (to)	lai
comic book	manga	
concerning	e
cone	kon
copper	kupra
coral	koral
corn (maize)	mais
correct	just
cost	tsena
cotton	kuton
coup d'état	kudeta
covering	kalik
cow	bov
coyote	kan
cranium	krania
crazy	tol
crest	lof
cross	krus
crow (Corvus)	korv
crown	koron
cry (yell) (to)	crai
crystal	kristal
cut (to)	tom
darkness	skot
date (fruit)	balah
dawn	ob
day	jur
deaf	surd
debt	deb-al
debtor	deb-ul
deca-, 10^1	deka	
deci-, 10^-1	desi	
decibel	desi-bel
deity	bog
delicate	habro
depth	cen
develop (to)	razvit
dew	tau
die (to)	mor
dim	dim
dirt	wasak
distant	tele
do away with	rid
doctor	lekar
dog	kan
doll	pupe
dollar	dolar
donkey	asin
door	dver
dot	punkt
doubt	dut
dove	golub
down (dir.)	nid
draw (to)	trakt
dream	son
drink (to)	pot
dry	sik
dung	merd
dwarf	nan
dye	kraska
each	kajdi
ear	uho
Earth	la mond
east	cark
easy	fasil
eat (to)	yest
edge	krai
egg	ov
eight	okt
eighty	okt-dek
elbow	anko
electricity	elektra
elf	elf
elm	vyaz
end	auj, fin
enemy	vrag
envelope	anvlop
equal	ravni
eucalyptus	kafur
even	daje, rovni
every	kajdi, omni
evidence	evid
evil	zloi
except	paitsi
excrement	merd
exposed	gimno
extent	ala
extremity	auj
eye	yan
eyelid	blefar
face	litso
fairy	fe
faith	fwa
fall (to)	fal
false	fo
fan (enthusiast)	fan
far	tele
fast	taki
fat	fet
father	per
fatigue	pilau
fear	fob
female	fem
fern	filik
fertile	fertil
field	agro
fifty	pent-dek
fin	pin
find (to)	truv
finger	daktil
fir	yel
fire	nar
first	prot
fish	riba
five	pent
flag	drapo
flat	plan, bemol
flea	flo
flesh	sark
flint	silik
flock	flok
flood	deluj
floor	pol, etaj
flower	blum
fluorine	fluorin
fly (insect)	musk
fly (to)	vol
fog	nebel
fold (to)	pli
food	fud
fool	durak
foot	fut, pod
for	tsu, fur
force	sila
forgive (to)	pardon
forgiveness	par
forty	kwat-dek
four	kwat
fox	lisa
fragile	frajil
free (at liberty)	liber
free (to)	liber-in
from	van
fruit	plod
fun	vesel
fungus	miceta
fur	pel
furry (anthro.)	pel-an	
game	lab
gap	lakuna
garden	hort
garlic	tum
gazelle	gazal
geek	gik
get rid of (to)	rid
ghost	gwei
giga-, 10^9	giga	
ginger	imbir
give (to)	don
globe	sfer
glue	gli
gnaw (to)	rod
gnosis	gnos
goal	tsel
goat	mazi
god	bog
gold (metal)	aur
good	bon
gourd	hulu
grackle	ikter
gram	gram
grape	uva
grass	trava
gray	gra
great	velik
green	klor
grow (to)	rasti
guess (to)	tsai
gulf	zaliv
hail (stones)	grad
hair	trik
hang (to)	pend
happy	kusi
harbor	mina
hard	skler
hare	arneb
hat	capo
hay	seno
haze	nebel
he	ta
head	sefal
health	salut
heap	dwei
hear (to)	slic
heart (organ)	kardia
heaven	nebo
heavy	takil
hecto-, 10^2	hekto	
helium	heli
helmet	clem
hemp	dama
her	ta
high	visok
him	ta
hint	anci
hole	trem
hollow	kav
holy	sakra
home	dom
hoof	ungu
horn (of animal)	korn
hour	tcas
human being	hom
hump	gorb
hundred	sto
husband	epu, mal-epu
hydrogen	hidrogen
I	ya
if	ven
image	obraz
in	ni, vo
in exchange for	fur
inch	intc
indigo	nil
inhale (to)	ciju
insect	insekt
introduce (to)	intro
iodine	iodin
iris (flower)	iris
iron (Fe)	fer
irritate (to)	agas
it	ta, to
itch	psor
jay	korv
joy	radost
judge (to)	sud
juice	sok
just (right)	just
justify (to)	rezon-in
keel	karin
key	klav
kidney	nefra
kilo-, 10^3	kilo	
kind (of)	nau
king	reg
kingdom	reg-ala
knee	genu
knife	noj
knot	nod
know (to)	vis
knuckle	kondil
land	agro, ter
language	yazik
lantern	fonar
large	makro
larva	larva
lascivious	lasif
laser	laser
law	zakon
lead (Pb)	plumbo
lead (to)	duk
leaf	list
leak	dalf
left (hand)	lev
leg	skel
lens	lent
let (allow) (to)	las
let ...	hu
level	plan
lewd	lud
liberty (at)	liber
light	fot, hel, leje
lightning	bark
like	ve
lime (CaO)	kalk
link	hwan
lip	labia
lithium	liti
live (to)	viv
liver	hepat
lizard	saur
load	gruz
lobe	lob
locust	jarad
log	klots
logic	lojik
long	dolik
lose (to)	perd
loud	laut
love (to)	fil
low	hikui
lump	gliba
mad	tol
magic	mocu
magpie	korv
make (to)	esin, in
male	mal
man	vir
manga	manga	
many	li, poli
map	kart
mark	mark, znak
marry (to)	gam
mass	mas, mes
may ...	hu
me	ya
meadow	marj
mean (average)	mwayen
meat	karn
medicine	tib
mega-, 10^6	mega	
memory	mnemo
meow	rau
mercury (Hg)	zaibak
meter (unit)	met
micro-, 10^-6	mikro	
middle	media
mild	len
mile (5280 feet)	mail
milk	lakt
milli-, 10^-3	mili
million	mega	
mimic	mim
mind	psike
miniature	mini
mink	norka
mirror	cpigel
mistletoe	omela
money	geld
month	men
moo	mu
moon	lun, la lun
more	pyu
mote	punkt
mother	mat
motionless	tihi
mouse	mur, mur-ven	
moustache	usi
mouth	stom
move (to)	kinet
much	li, poli
mushroom	miceta
myrtle	mirt
nail (finger, toe)	onik
naked	gimno
name	nom
nano-, 10^-9	nano	
nature	dzijan
navel	omfal
near	anki
necessary	nujni
needle	nadel
neon	neon
nerd	nerd
net	ret
network	ret
new	neo
news	novost
newspaper	cimbun
nice	bon
nickel (Ni)	nikel
night	notc
nine	nov
ninety	nov-dek
nitrogen	nitrogen
no (not yes)	nen
noise	cum
north	bore
nose	rin
not	ne
now	nun
nude	gimno
nut	nuk
nymph	nimf
objective	objektiv	
of	de
off (away from)	veg
ohm	om
old	star
olive	oliv
on	e, ni
one	un
onion	luk
onto	al
or	au, eu
origami	kami-pli
oriole (Icterini)	ikter
out of, out from	aus
owe (to)	deb
oxygen	oksigen
oyster	muli
pain, ache	bol
palm	ladon, palm
paper	kami
parasol	zontik
park	park
paste	gli
path	put
peace	mir
pen	pero
pencil	lapis
person	hom, menc
petal	petal
pheasant	yedji
phosphorus	fosfor
phrase	fraz
pico-, 10^-12	piko	
pie	turt
pigeon	golub
pin	nadel
pink	nelk, pink
pipe (smoking)	pip
pipe (tube)	truba
pit (in ground)	fos
pixie	fe
place	ala, top
plane-tree	dilbi
planet (world)	mond
plank	planc
platinum	platin
play (game) (to)	jue
please	porfavor
plural	plur
poetry	cir
point	auj, punkt
pointed	akut
poison	toksik
poke (to)	tik
police	polis
poor	arm
poplar	topol
potassium	potasi
pouch	sak
pound	libra, paund
pray (to)	sala
press (to)	piez
prickle	akant
priest	muci
proper	just
prophet	nabi
propose (to)	propos
pupa	pupa
pupil of eye	pupil
purple	porfir
pyramid	piramid
quantity of (a)	li
question	vopros
quick	taki
rabbi	rabi
rabbit	krolik
radar	radar
radio	radio
radium	radi
radon	radon
raisin	zbib
rapid	taki
rat	laucu
raven	voron
raw	siroi
razor	britva
read (to)	leg
reason (why)	rezon
red	rot
redwing	rot-kril-an
reed	luwei
region	ala, top
remote	tele
rendez-vous	randevu
rescue (to)	liber-in
retrograde	retro
rice	ris
ridge	lof
right	just, deks, hak
rigid	skler
rim	krai
river	reka
rob (to)	klept
robot	robot
rock	petro, lapid
roll (to)	volv
room	mesto
root	riz
rose	roz
rough	grub
round	krugli
ruble	rubl
run (to)	kur
rye	heimai
sac(k)	sak
sack	kis
sacred	sakra
sailor	naut
salt (NaCl)	sal
sandwich	sandwitc
sap	cuye
satellite	lun
save (to)	liber-in
saxophone	saksofon
say "cheese" (to)	tciz
say (to)	cwo
scale	skwam
scarf	carf
scream (to)	crai
sea	hai
see (to)	vid
seed	sem
seek (to)	iskat
sesame	djima
seven	sept
seventy	sept-dek
sew (to)	cit
shadow	ski
shape	morf
shark	cayu
sharp	akut, dies
she	ta
shelf	planc
shell	kalik
shine (to)	lus
short	braki
shoulder	skapul
shout (to)	crai
show (to)	mont
shut (to)	zakrit
sign	znak
silicon	silikon
silkworm	tsan
silver (metal)	argent
similar to	ve
sing (to)	laula
sister	sestra
sit (to)	sed
six	seks
sixty	seks-dek
skeleton	skelet
skip (to)	skak
skull	krania
sky	nebo
slave	nuli
sleep (to)	spat
slime	sliz
slow	bradi
smoke	fum
smut	cmuts
snafu	snafu
snake	zmeya
snout	rink
snow	sneg
soap	sap
soft (not hard)	malak
solve (to)	rec
some	kelk, li
son	sin
sort	nau
soul	psike
sound (noise)	fon
soup	sup
south	yug
space	mesto
speak (to)	cwo
speck	punkt
sphere	glob, sfer
spider	arakne
spine	akant
spiral	helik
spirit	psike
spit	sput
split (to)	pikai
sponge	spong
spore	spor
spot	top
spouse	epu
sprite	fe
sprout	blast
spy	cpion
square	kwadre
squirrel	belka
star	aster
steal (to)	klept
stiff	skler
still (motionless)	tihi
stone (material)	lapid
stor(e)y (floor)	etaj
strange	tcuj
stupid	gacim
subway	metro
sugar	sukar
suitable as	ma	
sulfur	sulfur
summer	leto
sun	sol
sure (certain)	zeker
swallow (to)	deglut
sweet	glik
swift	taki
sword	ksif
symbol	znak
table	mensa
talk (to)	cwo
taxi	taksi
tea	tca
telephone	telefon
television	tivi
tell (to)	cwo
temptation	iskuc, iskuc-il
ten	dek
tera-, 10^12	tera	
that	lo, so
the	la	
them	ta
they	ta
thick	paki
thin plate	lamina
think (to)	dum
thirty	tri-dek
this	ko
thorn	akant
thousand	kilo	
three	tri
throat	gul
throb (to)	sfiz
thrush (bird)	drost
thunder	grom
tie (to)	lig
time	kron, raz
tin (Sn)	stan
tip	auj
to	al, tsu
today	ko-jur
toe	daktil
tone	yin
tongue	glos
too	kai
tooth	zub
trail	put
treasure	kinz
tree	dendro
trillion	tera	
troupial	ikter
true	ver
trumpet	laba
tube	truba
turnip	lift
twig	klad
two	di
type	nau
umbrella	zontik
uncle	onkel
unless	paitsi ven
up to	al
urine	nyau
us	tya, vya
using	i
valley	wadi
valve	valv
vase	vaz
venom	toksik
voice	vos
volt	volt
vomit (to)	emet
walrus	mors
waltz	vals
wander (to)	vag
war	krig
wash (to)	lav
waste (to)	perd
water	voda
watt	wat
wax	vosk
way	put
we	tya, vya
weak	slab
weasel	laska
weather	tenki
wedge	sfen
week	cukan
west	west
whale	kit
what	lo, ki
wheel	orb
when	raz-ni, ki-raz
where	ki-top
which	lo, ki
whip	flag	
white	leuk
who	lo, ki-ta
why (question)	ki-rezon
wife	epu, fem-epu
wild	tol
will	vil
window	okno
wine	vin
wing	kril
winter	zima
with	i, a, -a	
without	les
wolf	vuk, kan
woman	jen
wood	ksilo
wool	lan
word	log
work (labor)	arbait
world	mond, la mond
worm	verm
wreck	rek
wren	ren
wrist	rist
write (to)	graf
wrong	ros
yard (3 feet)	yard
year	yar
yell (to)	crai
yes	wi
yoke	zig
you	va
zero	nul
zinc	zink
zone	zon

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