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Excellence Internet ServicesExcellence Internet Services

Developers of web sites of all sizes and Internet marketers. Make more money online!

Baby Place

Baby Place, the starting point for information on pregnancy, birth and babies.


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IRIS: Information Regarding Israel's Security
IRIS: Information Regarding Israel's Security

Eye-opening maps, quotes and charts. A must see for anyone interested in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Holy City Prayer Society
The Holy City Prayer Society

Have a prayer said for you daily in Jerusalem.
The Freeman Center for Strategic Studies
Political Analysis on Israeli and Jewish Affairs.

My Hebrew Name

Find out your Hebrew name.
Instant Hebrew
Instant Hebrew

Learn to read Hebrew in just 2 hours! 3 videos make it as easy as watching TV.

Online Hebrew Classes

Learn Hebrew (much!) faster with the "Dream Team".
The Etz Chaim Center for Jewish Studies

Judaism at it's friendliest.
MEDEK Physiotherapy

MEDEK is an effective physiotherapy intervention for babies and children with mobility problems or at risk for movement disorders.
Just Movin'

Just Movin'

The experts in helping you buy or sell new and used furniture and appliances in Israel -- for cheap!

My Hebrew Dictionary

Online Hebrew dictionary -- no hebrew fonts required.

The Sefer Torah Recycling NetworkThe Sefer Torah Recycling Network

An organization that finds pasul/damaged sifrei torah, repairs them and donates them to needy communities in Israel.
CTS Place

All computer users should know about the risk of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), and how to prevent it.


Quality manpower counselling for improving human resources.
Fast Technology
Fast Technology, Ltd.

Printer Distributors in London, England.

Stock Market Challenge

A fun simulation game that lets you play and learn the real stock market without ever risking your own money.

Quality Domain Names
for Sale

Some great names that the owner wants to unload.

Temple Model Kits
Temple Model

Build the a model of the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. A fun, educational project for kids and adults alike.
Read the Hebrew Bible

An exciting new Beginners' course in Bible Hebrew. Check out the blog for updates.

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