Israeli Left Boycotts Jewish Goods from Settlements

Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 12:08:20 +0000
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Dear IRIS Subscriber,

The following list has recently been distributed by Gush Shalom ("Peace Bloc"), a left-wing Israeli group calling for Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria ("the West Bank"), Gaza and the Golan Heights. Gush Shalom has recently called for a boycott of all products manufactured by Jewish businesses in these disputed areas and are calling for all such products to be clearly labelled as such. This echoes a recent Arab-sponsored resolution by the United Nations General Assembly calling for such a boycott internationally.

Others on the Israeli right have thanked Gush Shalom for their efforts, noting that this is apparently the first list to be compiled demonstrating the vast and diverse contribution of the Jewish communities in these areas to Israel's economy. Pro-settlement groups have called for supporters to favor goods produced in the Jewish settlements.

We provide this list for information only; whether or not IRIS subscribers wish to act on it and how they do so is, of course, up to them.

We would note that the list includes companies in Atarot Industrial Zone in northern Jerusalem. It is unclear to us why these companies were listed, while the many other Israeli companies in disputed parts of Jerusalem were omitted.

Gush Shalom plans to update the list periodically on the World Wide Web, where it is available at the following addresses:

<> <> <>

Gush Shalom can be reached by e-mail at <> or by post at P.O. Box 3322, Tel Aviv 61033 Israel. Telephone: 03-5221732 (from abroad: 972-3-5221732). IRIS has no connection with the organisation.

Leiah and Jason Elbaum



Gush Shalom

Updated: 18.oct.1997

List of Products from Settlements in the Occupied Territories

Please print this list and distribute it to your friends and relatives. Hang it on billboards next to your homes, in supermarkets and in your place of work. More importantly, browse the list when you are buying a product or looking for a service.

A penny to the settlements is a penny against peace

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Agricultural products (Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers), constitute a major part of settlement production. They are usually mixed with products made in Israel, so currently, locating the exact origin of such products is nearly impossible.

We want the Israeli authorities to make this distinction possible by stating clearly whether a certain product is imported from in Israel or from a settlement.

You can help a lot by writing to your local store's management, demanding this marking and by constantly asking the storekeeper for the exact origin of such products.


A & M Greenberg Food agency Atarot industrial zone

Ahva Halva and candy Barkan industrial zone

Bar Haim Food products Edomim I.Z.

Barkan Cellars Wine makers Barkan IZ

Barkan Sweets Candy and Sweets Barkan IZ

BarKat Food products Barkan industrial zone

Beigel & Beigel Pretzel bakery Barkan industrial zone

Better and Different Edomim I.Z.

Cohen Brothers Butchers Atarot industrial zone

Eden Springs Ltd. Mineral water Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)

Elyon Spices Alphey Menashe

Glatt Of Chicken Slaughterhouse Atarot industrial zone

Golan Cheese Various cheeses Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)

Golan Dairies Milk Products Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)

Golan Wines Wine makers Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)

Gold Pie Pie factory Edomim, Qiryat Arba

Hacormim Wines Winery Edomim IZ

Hamizrah Wines Winery Edomim IZ

Hebron Wines Winery Qiryat Arba IZ

Jerusalem Granola Granola bars Atarot industrial zone

Klufim Processing of Potatos Edomim I.Z.

Malosh Borekas Kobi Frozen foods Edomim I.Z.

Migdanot Cookies and bisquits Edomim I.Z.

Negev Yam Chemicals Cleaning products Gush Katif

Of Habira Chicken Edomim I.Z.

Openheimer Chocolate and sweets Atarot industrial zone

Ramat Hagolan Dairy Dairy products Katzrin IZ (Golan Heights)

Shamir Salads Ready made salads Barkan I.Z.

Shomron Meat Meat products Karney Shomron

Soda Club Home soda water devices Edomim I.Z.

Sofrei Ltd. Food production and Edomim I.Z.


Tel Arza Wines Winery Edomim I.Z.

Tohikon Arts & Crafts Ma'ale Ephraim

Yerek Adom Food products Edomim I.Z.

Zion Wines Winery Edomim IZ


Amgazit Gas equipment Gush Etzion

Arieh Plast Nylon bags Ma'ale Ephraim IZ

Barkan Metal & Wood furniture Barkan I.Z

Benitex Camping equipment Edomim I.Z.

Daniel Furniture Edomim I.Z.

Dead Sea health Cosmetics Mitzpe Shalem


Edomim Chemicals Household cleaning Edomim I.Z.


Pereg Air Conditioning Atarot I.Z.

Flanero Kitchen utensils Gush Etzion

Flick Plastic bags and file Mevoh Hama


Halabin Industies Cosmetics Barkan I.Z.

Hod Tiles Kiryat Arba I.Z.

Hogla Jerusalem Paper stuff Atarot I.Z.

I.S. Illumination Edomim I.Z.

IAT Carpets Edomim I.Z.

InterCosma Cosmetics Atarot I.Z.

Jerusalem Knitworks Uniforms plant Edomim I.Z.

Jerusalem Pencils Pencils Atarot I.Z.

Lipski Plastics Barkan I.Z.

Lital Furniture Edomim I.Z.

Mavrik Shoe polish Edomim I.Z.

Mul-t-lock Locksmiths and Barkan I.Z.

security doors

Ofertex Cleaning rags Barkan I.Z.

RabinTex Ltd Textiles and camping Edomim I.Z.


Sol Camping Camping equipment Barkan I.Z.

Streicher Uniforms Edomim I.Z.

Super Isra-chom Solar systems Edomim I.Z.

Yardeni Locksmiths Barkan I.Z.

Yerushalmi Industries Ropes Barkan I.Z.

Zivanit Shoes & Sandals Ein Zivan


AGS Toys and Games Beit Horon

Alum-Tal Glass products Edomim I.Z.

Aviv Builders Atarot

Aviah Safety equipment Ma'ale Ephraim I.Z.

Benda Plast Food packing Katzrin I.Z.

Ben-Or Vacuum packing Barkan I.Z.

Ben-Tal Motors Electric motors Merom Golan

Bloko Ltd Printing Dyes Edomim I.Z.

"Builders of the Building blocks Kiryat Arba

Fathers Town"

Carmigal Ceramics Alphei Menashe I.Z.

Dar-El Printed circuits Ariel

Dotan Leather goods Mevoh Dotan

Edomim Wood mills Edomim I.Z.

Eshkol Publishers Edomim I.Z.

Export books factory Atarot I.Z.

FiberTech Fiberglass pipes Karnei Shomron

Gachelet Aluminum factory Atarot I.Z.

Gelman Science and Technology Atarot I.Z.

Golan Industries Meetal works Bnei Yehuda

Granit 2000 Marble and granite Edomim I.Z.

H. Wegshel Publishers Edomim I.Z.

Haalonim (Oaks) Building blocks Edomim I.Z.

Hagim Electronic Systems Neveh Dekalim

Har-Shefi Packing Beit-El

Hasholsha products, Atarot I.Z.


Herto Textile Industries Edomim I.Z

Irit Silk Screen printing Edomim I.Z.

Isra-Beton Cement industries Atarot I.Z.

Israel United Laundries Atarot I.Z.

IsraVit Plastic and metal works Edomim I.Z.

Kanfei Yona Tannery Edomim I.Z.

Klima Israel Ltd Atarot I.Z.

Lasri Ltd Metal works Edomim I.Z.

Levi Metal and wood works Edomim I.Z.

Nesarim Wood work production Atarot I.Z.

& marketing

Niron Textile threads Emanuel

Optima Edomim I.Z.

Or-Lil Electronics Katzrin I.Z.

Oval Computers Barkan I.Z.

Oval Hospital Equipment Barkan I.Z.

Plast fiber Plastic products Karnei Shomron

R. N. Ltd Judaica Edomim I.Z.

Ramat Magshimim systems Automation Ramat Magshimim

Readymix industries Cement Edomim I.Z.

Remet Trom Aluminum products Edomim I.Z.

Ronopol Plastic products Barkan I.Z.

Shahaf (Seagull) Metal works Edomim I.Z.

Sherut Packaging products Barkan I.Z.

Shiloh Technologies Edomim I.Z.

Spideshe Ready grown lawn Gilgal

Sprinco Industrial springs Barkan I.Z

Star Auto parts Edomim I.Z.

TAPI Plastics Edomim I.Z.

Tzarfati metal works Edomim I.Z.

Victory Oil seals Edomim I.Z.

If you are aware of a product or service that are made in the settlements and is not on this list, please notify us: (donations will also be accepted gratefully) "Gush Shalom" phone: 03-522 1732 P.O.Box 3322

Tel Aviv 61033


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