Plan to "Vaticanize" Old City

Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 12:16:31 +0100
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Aaron Lerner April 9, 1995


The following is the complete text of the Foreign Ministry Cable from the Israeli embassy in Rome to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem regarding Peres' plan for Jerusalem which has been reported on by a number of news services. The cable is clearly reporting on the contents of a news article:

"From: Miriam Ziv

Re: Writer Mark Helter - Jerusalem

Further to the fax which was sent to you on Friday, the following are the principle [elements] of the article: Foreign Minister Peres has a program for the Vaticanization of the Old City. In other words, that it would be under the patronage of the Pope, but managed by the Palestinians. According to him, Peres presented the program before the Pope last year, and according to Peres the Pope was very interested. The writer also spoke with Arafat and he says that Arafat did not say no.

According to the Peres plan, the Old City will be under the spiritual authority of the Pope. This will make possible for the Jewish state to strengthen its ties to the Catholic world.

There is a plan to expand the tourist airport in Jerusalem in order to serve the Vatican so that it will be a main crossroads for contacts between its representatives, diplomats and pilgrims.

Up to here regarding Jerusalem.

For your information.....

Miriam Ziv"


Minister of Communications Shulamit Aloni shocked and angered many Israelis today when she chose to attack Jewish settlers on an Israel Radio phone-in program ("Five After the Hour"). Aloni exchanged words with a settler and said that the settlers are not brave and make no sacrifices and enjoy the security provided by "the IDF - my son and my neighbors' sons are protecting you."

The implication was clear: that the settlers enjoy a free ride from the IDF, perhaps not even serving in the army. Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. The husbands and sons in the settlements serve in the IDF at least, if not more, than those residing within the Green Line.

This is not the first time that the Left has attempted to claim that the religious nationalist camp does not serve in the army. Uri Avneri has written on several occasions about how "me and my comrades fought in the War of Independence and created the State of Israel" as if only the Left served in that war. It is not unusual for leftists to yell at religious nationalist demonstrators "why don't you serve in the army".

Paradoxically, the same Leftists who claim that the religious nationalists shirk their military duties have spoken with alarm about the heavy presence of religious nationalist among the ranks of the field officers, warning of an "army within the army".

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